Hey everyone, so I recently just achieved my small goal of hitting 100 subs, and now I want to do something really cool for all my supporters, so what is a cool, fun idea to do for the 100 Sub Celebration video? All ideas are great, thank you! :)
Just a thank you video would be appropriate, nothing to serious but the sky isn't a limit, do what feels right.
It depends entirely on what your channel is about, as there might be a challenge you could do that's related to the theme of your content.
Of course, it doesn't have to be. I ate a hot pepper for mine.
Do a giveaway video with few cool things based on your Youtube channel niche, it's a pretty nice way to say ''thanks'' back to your fans.
Do you think that is needed when he only have 100 subs?
Well for someone it may not be ''only'' 100 subs, plus it is a good way to earn some more subs if for example you make a giveaway video and you tell the viewers in the description to comment, share and like that video :)

I personally entered just one giveaway on YT but I did everything to raise my chances to win that price because I just wanted it badly.

People like free stuff and they will do anything to get it, it is just my opinion though.