1. SteveDz

    Made it to 50,000 Subscribers!!

    I've never made a big deal about my YouTube channel, but 50k subscribers was the last goal I had in my head. So to me I'm really glad about it lol. My channel has been around for awhile and being about gaming, YouTube isn't always easy to work with. Always told myself I'll keep doing it as...
  2. M

    Special video for 100 subs?

    Hey guys! So, I reached 75 subs today (woohoo) and I realized the next 'milestone' is 100, and I got to thinking, how can I celebrate my 100th sub? Question: Did you guys do anything special when you reached 100 subs (or would you, if you haven't reached 100 yet?) for instance, a special...
  3. Mr Danny

    How To: CELEBRATE!

    Wanna have some fun...? Yeah...? You do...? Great.. BUT TO LEARN HOW TO FIRST WATCH THIS VIDEO! SO EDUCATIONAL! SO FUN! SO... SO.
  4. Varlais Alata

    OMFG YESS!! I MADE 100 SUBS!!!

    Yesterday! (Couldn't post cause I was still banned lol) Ok so yesterday I had 93 Subs. I was uploading, and I joined 2 Epic Music Livestreams (and sneakily promoted there). and now I have over 100 subs!!!! :D EEEEE!! Thank you all so much for your support ^^
  5. Kade2110

    100 Sub Special Ideas??

    Hey everyone, so I recently just achieved my small goal of hitting 100 subs, and now I want to do something really cool for all my supporters, so what is a cool, fun idea to do for the 100 Sub Celebration video? All ideas are great, thank you! :)
  6. JRuncie

    Cleared 1000 views

    26 videos later we've cleared the 1k view count! We're still stuck at 18 subs, but I would rather grow organically and appreciate some of the loyal followers we seem to have developed. For those on the channel who have been helping by writing editing articles, and offering private chat advice...
  7. Cameron Arnold

    600 Subscribers BOOOIIII

    This is actually blowing my mind I'm 400 subs close to 1k can't wait and thanks to the people that subscribe love my fans that are building up #HIGH4
  8. Oscar J Stones

    600 total views

    I'm up to 600 views overall, I would've posted when I got to 500 but I only just realised the number had gone up so much. Huzzah!
  9. LetsPlayMo

    1000 Views and almost 50 Subs! Gonna get me a new play button!

    If you have ever been on channel and I mean who hasn't do you see these numbers IM FAMOUS! I celebrate a lot I made a video for my first view, mt first sub where I gave myself a playbutton, my 10th sub which I got a new playbutton its blue and beautiful, 40 subs, gonna make one for 50 subs, but...