Merlina Rodas

I've Got It
Hey guys! So, I reached 75 subs today (woohoo) and I realized the next 'milestone' is 100, and I got to thinking, how can I celebrate my 100th sub?

Question: Did you guys do anything special when you reached 100 subs (or would you, if you haven't reached 100 yet?) for instance, a special video, a giveaway, anything?
i didnt, and wouldn't..
My subscribers are there to see the specific type videos I create and a 'thank you' video is not what they signed up for.. They dont care if I have 100, 1000, or 1,000,000 subscribers, they just came for the good stuff.
When I reached 100 Subs I did a quick thank you video, have since reached other milestones but am yet to do another video. I was thinking maybe a Q&A but I guess it depends how interactive your audience is.
I did a giveaway at 10 subs. I also had a 100 sub special planned, which would have been letting my girlfriend cut my hair funnily and me rocking that haircut for a week. Sadly she dumped me like two days before reaching the 100 and I haven't figured out anything new to do. Hasn't really affected the channel, so not sure if people really care about that stuff. :D
I like seeing that kind of stuff when a creator reaches out and thanks their sub community. Personally when I get to that milestone I will do a thank you message as well.
I like seeing those thank you videos also, hope our viewers do too!

I am sure they will. It is a way to reach out to them and appreciate the support they provide you in my opinion. A lot of YouTubers view the subs as their family in a way so they should be treated as such!
I made a thank you, realized a lot of people were sub and runners (that's people who sub to you hoping you'll sub them back) the video didn't reach 100 views and so I took it down and wont ever do that again
I did a q and a video because I had only done one other q and a a year earlier, so I thought it would be a way to celebrate while still putting up similar videos to what I normally made.