1. Skulletgirl

    6 Years on Youtube and an Amazon GC Giveaway!

    Hey guys. I haven't been the most active on YT lately but I plan to get more consistent and have more fun with my channel. I post a video today about my 6 years on YT and I am also giving away a $50 GC ( worldwide entries accepted ) It's a short 3 minute video if you are interested in checking...
  2. George Hudson


  3. LCGaming


    Hello Everyone, go give our giveaway video a look if you would like to win some nice Blue Light Glasses!! :)
  4. OldManTenno

    Nvidia GeForce 1070 Ti Giveaway

  5. Rushy

    A Brand New way of doing Collabs. This will help you grow!

    Hey Guys! Have you heard of Collabean? This is a new concept that was created recently, that aims to help content creators grow by a form of Community giveaway! The concept is super simple, instead of you creating a solo giveaway of let's say 10$, you will be placed with other content creators...
  6. PartTimeHero

    How to properly run giveaways/contests?

    Hey, Please post any of your experience, any feedback will be appreciated. Also, we would love to hear if anyone is familiar with a legal side of giveaways. Cheers!
  7. PartTimeHero

    New Procedural Generated Multiplayer Game + Giveaway

    Death Garden - a new multiplayer game from developers of Dead by Daylight and Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade just entered an early access, and from now until August 21st you can play it out absolutely for free on PC. Death Garden is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One early next year. Giveaway...
  8. FrenchiseGaming

    Hilarious Fortnite Memes! 64 sub giveaway!!

    doing a battlepass giveaway at 25 likes!!
  9. FrenchiseGaming


    I do pretty decently! lol check it out and tell me if I did ok!
  10. Eve Hemingway

    What is a good amount to do milestone giveaway?

    Hi guys! I see a lot of milestone giveaways but I was wondering if it's good to do one maybe at 200 or is this too soon? Have any of you done a giveaway before for a significant sub count?
  11. L

    Services Hosting Giveaway | Social Media Custom Animated Buttons

    Hey everyone! I will be making free Social Media Buttons, in whatever style they want it animated, colour scheme etc. Just visit my YouTube Channel, LordSplash, go to my newest video, go to the description, and join the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks! If you need a free Intro, just fill out the...
  12. Takadaroba

    200 Subscribers

    Hello everybody! After having my channel since 2011, creating almost 500 videos, and reaching over 40,000 views, I have finally reached 200 subscribers! This was such a big goal for me since it felt like the time between 100 and 200 felt like years upon years, I'm so so happy to have finally...

    GoPro Hero Giveaway!

    I wanted to let anyone that was interested know that I was doing a giveaway on my channel. I once had a channel that had around 2,000 subscribers that ended up being taken down, so I figured a giveaway would be a good way to help be head back in that direction. Not only that, but I know that...
  14. NoorMurad

    Banned for doing a giveaway?

    Over a year ago, back when I had my old channel, I decided to do a giveaway for what I can remember was a Minecraft account. A few days after I uploaded the giveaway video, the video got deleted and I received a community guidelines strike. I was really confused as youtubers do giveaways all the...
  15. Jenni Nexus

    Just reached 4000!

    Woo hoo! Growing, slowly but surely. Over the last 5 years I've gradually put out different kinds of videos on my YouTube channels, only recently breaking a new record of 4K subscribers on my main YouTube channel. Been focusing on live-streaming moreso lately, and my 3d art, as opposed to the...
  16. Rolz

    My gaming giveaway winner + desk setup!

    Hey guys! So I dont know if you saw or heard but I hosted a giveaway on my channel a couple of days ago! In this video I announce the winner as well as show you some scenes of me setting up my desk + equipment! I hope you enjoy it and any constructive criticism is welcome! If you do enjoy...
  17. Rolz

    ANIME for the month of May?

    Hey guys, these are the anime i'm watching for the month of May :D It's a new series over on my channel so be sure to check it out if you haven't already! I apologize for missing the month of April, I was extremely busy :P If you enjoy the video then be sure to drop a like and SUB for more...
  18. MasterDF


    Check out my new video and let me know what you think!
  19. MasterDF


    Check out my new video and let me know what you think!
  20. Rolz

    The Dynamic Duo are back at it !

    Hey guys, here's my latest video :) Messi and Hulk are back at it, here to brighten your day in regular speed and slo-mo! Sit back relax and enjoy! ‪ Be sure to check out my previous video for deets on how to enter my giveaway! If you're a gamer I recommend checking it out :) thanks and enjoy! :D
  21. Rolz

    My first giveaway competition!

    Hey guys! ItsHowWeRolz here :) in an attempt to give back to the few loyal subs I have as well as increase exposure and potential community growth...I have initiated a giveaway over on my channel :D Check out the video for more details and you could win...
  22. M

    Special video for 100 subs?

    Hey guys! So, I reached 75 subs today (woohoo) and I realized the next 'milestone' is 100, and I got to thinking, how can I celebrate my 100th sub? Question: Did you guys do anything special when you reached 100 subs (or would you, if you haven't reached 100 yet?) for instance, a special...
  23. M

    Let's talk giveaways

    ok guys, so for an upcoming video of mine I was thinking of maaaybe doing a giveaway. First of all, my thoughts are, is a giveaway possible at this point or do i need to be a bit more "famous" before doing one? (In other words, have more subs and views in order to have a decent number of...
  24. Rolz

    Giveaway suggestions

    Hi guys, I'm currently around the 60 subscriber mark and would like to do a giveaway once I reach 100 subs! Now what I need help with is the tracking of entries, I would like to use follows/subs (insta/twitter/youtube) to permit entries. Is there any way to track entries into the giveaway...
  25. FunWithTheBugs

    Giveaways - Any Rules or Laws to Follow?

    Hi, I was thinking about doing a giveaway on my channel and was wondering if there was any rules on YouTube about this and what can and cannot be done. Also, I would like to include international people in it as well so does anyone know if I get a Google Play gift Card or iTunes gift card, if...
  26. Byjenkz


  27. Itz chris gaming

    Should you do giveaways?

    I was wondering if I should do giveaways. I know they get you subs and views but are they good?
  28. PureDangles

    Going Back to Giveaways

    What's going on YtTalk Community. Im an NHL gaming youtuber and have recently really slowed down on views + subs. Kind of stinks but i continue to push forward. Im thinking about doing some giveaways on my channel for the game, but making it so people have to watch/like the video. For example...
  29. xxheathermarie

    HELP: Giveaway

    So I just went shopping for my 1k sub giveaway. I will have two winners. I have never done a giveaway before. Anyone have any advice before I do this? Like what to avoid, how to process it, etc? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys :)
  30. BonnieLushHair


    Hey Guys... Happy New Year!!! I am hoping to build more subs for my channel and so I have come up with an idea for a competition for valentines If anyone is interested in ironing out the creases of my idea this will be very much welcomed and I would love to take this as an opportunity to...