1. dazedcore_yt


    Started YT on October 1st of this year, and I'm currently sitting at 290 subscribers! My one year goal was 100, so I guess I'm doing very well! Sitting at 78 thousand views and 190 public watch hours!
  2. Honest Travel

    First video with 10k views (travel video)

    One of my videos is doing well. Although it doesn’t get much engagement, just consistent views and the odd comment. It might reach 50k! I’ll still only have 300 subs though probably.
  3. W

    First 15 subscribers

    Hey guys I’m just excited that I got my first 15 subscribers. I am posting high-quality review content. Do you have any feedback on how to grow your subscriber base and any testimonials on how you start it up and how you become successful in the YouTube community.
  4. J&N


    We have reached 5000 and we included OUR FIRST giveaway in our video! Can anyone advise do giveaways work? We are trying to give back to our audience as well as get more subscribers. Any tips on Giveaways would help? Please let us know if we did this correctly? Youtube channel name : Jack and...
  5. ProjectJamesify

    1,000,000 Subscriber Milestone

    Hey everyone! My name is ProjectJamesify, and I create daily gaming content of the latest, most awesome titles. Back in 2015, I was here on these forums looking for inspiration, technical instructions, practical tips and tricks, collaboration partners, and anything else YouTube related. I...
  6. V

    100 Subscribers. First milestone done

    I've completed my first milestone of reaching 100 subscribers. YTC: Vimala's Kitchen:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  7. BestNerdLife

    70 subscribers and 5000 views!

    After hovering around the 67/68 mark for a few days, my sub count has FINALLY hit 70. My views have also shot past 5000. I'm pretty dang happy with that tbh as it's been just a little less than 2 months since I really started any effort to make videos.
  8. Drywinner

    Just hit 10 subs!! so happy

    Cant believe i have hit 14 subs. Hopefully soon i will be able to hit 20 subs and get my views to 400 as my views are at 330 right now. Cant wait to keep growing on this awesome platform!!!
  9. BestNerdLife

    Just hit 100 views!

    The "about me" section of YouTube is lagging slightly, but i've definitely hit 100 views! I started on May 1st 2019 and i've uploaded 5 videos. Currently trying to find my niche by throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Thanks for reading!
  10. Prudent Gaming

    100 Subs and a Custom URL

    I hit 100 subscribers last week and it made me so happy! I just want to entertain, create positivity and make other people happy. Every single comment, view and subscriber means everything to me and I'm so thankful for everyone's support. Also, it meant I was able to get rid of that god awful...
  11. Henners


    Hey, I've reached 100 subs. It has taken me a year and I hope to continue to grow. I would be appreciative for any tips to help further growth. Feel free to watch my 100 Sub Special which is OFFICIAL FORTNITE 2 GAMEPLAY ;) Thanks for reading this
  12. George Hudson


  13. Crown

    Goals for 2019

    2019 is almost here and it's time to publicly declare your 2019 goals: How many subs would you like to have at the end of 2019? How many views would you like to have at the end of 2019? What are your other YouTube goals for your channel for 2019 (unrelated to subs and views) ? Share with us!
  14. AverageBrino

    800 ON NEW YEARS!!!

  15. Kruchiver

    Finally Hit 100 subs!! A GREAT way to off the year

    It's such a small number, but such a psychological barrier to get over, especially for such a small niche that our channel is in. Thank for all the advice that came from this forum that helped us get there...
  16. Kuudere Ghost

    I just reached 100 subscribers!

    This is amazing, I just reached 100 subscribers and now I have my own custom url! Both of which I think are awesome. It has been great learning on the way, and now I know what kind of content I want to make. It has also shown me just how enjoyable uploading a video every day is.
  17. JSamuel

    100 subscribers!

    I've been vlogging for about 2-3 months now, and I'm super exited to have hit 100 subscribers! I got a custom URL! (I'm so excited).
  18. fadder8

    Just made 5k

    Just recently hit 5K, and while that isn't a lot (especially in my industry) I am still very delighted at the support and love I receive from you all.
  19. Eve Hemingway


    I'm soooo happy to announce that this weekend I reached 500 subscribers! My aim for the end of the year is to reach 1000. I must say though that the hardest goal was reaching 100 as this took me a few months so I think my goal is attainable (hopefully)
  20. TheBiscuitFoundation

    1 Million Total Video Views

    Well since I'm not allowed to celebrate 1.5 Million here, considering I've never celebrated any other milestone on these forums, I am going to celebrate reaching 1 Million Total Video Views as well as my 7 Years anniversary on Youtube (technically, 10 years but 7 years on my current channel)...
  21. NNEKA

    50 subs after 3months of hardwork!

    it's unbelievable but I finally made it to my monthly goal of 50subs. At the beginning of this month, i had less than 20subs and though I wanted growth of some kind, i had doubts when setting my mind to 50subs if it was doable before month end. it might seem small but I am really glad because...
  22. Chase The Vase

    I MADE IT TO 100!!!!!

    I'm super excited to be in the triple digits :wub::inlove: I've been through multiple channels before and I've gotten to this point, however this time is really special to me!!! I've put in more work than ever, and I am getting interaction with my videos and everything is just going groovily...
  23. Kennedy Jene


    I know this is a very very small milestone but I was literally so shook. Someone even hated my video enough to dislike it and I was even honored by that lol Idk. This just feels really good and I've been working hard, it's very rewarding. Whoever reads this I wish you luck with your channel...
  24. Thelazysideoflife

    Another dozen

    So I got an insignificant milestone on my channel but for me it means a lot. Just reached 40 subscribers!
  25. Chicken Tendies

    1000 View!

    We hit 1000 views a couple of days ago. My videos where clicked on and watched for 30 seconds or more and that is crazy to me! Well people I have to now make a video about it.
  26. HiEnergy

    Yay! Ten years of YouTube for me!

    I just saw my channel turned 10 on 25th of June! :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce: :dance: Perhaps I should do a birthday video of sorts...
  27. Koin

    Passing Our First Milestone of 50

    Recently we just passed 50 subs, and it took a few months but it still feels just as good as I hoped it would! Especially in the over-saturated gaming niche. I've heard that it gets easier after a bit so here's to hoping!
  28. jakeson

    Just hit 100 subscribers!

    After a month of starting YouTube, I just hit my first 100 subs! I'm really excited about it, and determined to hit my next 100 subs!
  29. Chicken Tendies

    Milestone Video

    A few days ago we hit 50 subs and I am really happy about that but should I make a milestone video? What do you people think?

    I have just reached 400 Views

    I started around 2/3 weeks ago and i have already reached 400 channel views. This is a big step however i know i need to keep improving. I would appreciate if anyone could give feedback on my channel?