1. KevinS14

    Triple Digits! 100 subs milestone!!

    Hi guys!! :) Just wanted to share this xmas gift I got this year - hitting triple digits on my little channel! So happy that some people are joining my geeky journey on the internet! Woo!! :bounce:
  2. ApexTV

    60,000 Subscribers and 30 Million Views!

    Hello good people of YTTalk! We our glad to announce that our YouTube channel has reached 60,000 subscribers and a total of over 30 million views across all our videos. This is fantastic news, considering we have been active on YouTube for over two years and are glad to finally see some...
  3. ClimaxGaming

    Just Hit 100 Subs Im So Happy!!!! :)

    Hello, I'm seriously so happy I just hit 100 SUBSCRIBERS its just such a big milestone for me, I didn't upload for 2-3 days and my subscribers started growing FAST for some reason maybe someone shouted me out? I don't know but if someone did thanks a lot! :) It's really appreciated!
  4. Jack Swish


    I cannot believe this has happened one of my videos has gone crazy and boosted my sub count so far- going up more than double my original subs in one day! This video has almost 1,000 likes, 440 comments and 16.6K views within 10 days :D So happy it doesn't seem real :D Currently at 422 subs.
  5. Jack Swish

    100 SUBS

  6. GBeeTV

    100 Subscribers!

    Hey all! Just found this forum and what better way to start things off by posting my first milestone, a 100 subscribers! My conversion of views to subs is really high at the moment so my goal going further will be to get more views! Best of luck to everyone else!
  7. Jack Swish


    So glad I have smashed this milestone :) Just imagine that many people in one place- crazy! Whenever a video isn't getting traction straight away and view count isn't where I want it to be, I always google like "100 people" and just to put it all into perspective. My videos have been getting...
  8. Rando

    achievement unlocked: reach a 4 digit total view count

    Earlier this week, my channel reached over 1,000 views. I feel like I should do something special for this milestone... what do you guys think?
  9. snowxvi

    Crazy Subscriber Gain in under 5 days! (100 subs)

    Hey! My name is John and I recently started my new channel from scratch not too long ago. Which we all know is the most difficult, having no help from other YouTubers and started fresh. I have had experience with YouTube beforehand (7 years ago when I first started uploading on my old channel)...

    I reached 100

    You know I've been waiting for this moment. I've seen so many other channels pass and I've told myself I'll be in the same situation as them soon. I'm finally here :3 thank you to everyone
  11. Rintaro Animations


    HECK YA IM ON MY WAY TA BECOMIN FAM OUS!! probably not... I'm just a little excited...
  12. Olija

    100 Subscriber Special! THANK YOU GUYS!

    Thank you guys so much for 100+ subscribers! That community stays strong, and I happy we got this point. This is a great milestone, and I made a dumb silly video just for the occasion :P
  13. sophie jouvenaar

    50+ ! On my way...

    The other day I hit 50 subscribers and I've been getting at least 1 a day after that. It's really crazy to see my little channel grow! I know it isn't a huge number but I always think of 50 people in a room to hear me talk and that seems insane to me. The past 2 months has taken me from 27 subs...
  14. Benau

    200 Views, 20 Subs, and 100+ likes on Facebook!

    Hey all! Benau here! Just wanted to announce some awesome milestones for my social media! 200+ Views on YouTube 20+ Subscribers 100+ likes on Facebook Thanks so much to those of you that supported my music! - Benau
  15. Olija

    Is 1000 Subscribers Possible?

    Hey guys, it's OJ and I was just taking a look at how far I've come on my channel in almost a year's time and I was wondering to myself and talk to my friends about it all the time....Am I Capable of hitting 1000 subscribers (and no this isn't bait to get to my channel, you don't have to sub or...
  16. Olija

    100 Subscribed! So Blessed, You Guys Are Awesome!

    Hey guys, It's OJ here and I just wanted to say that my channel has reached 100 subscribed and has even surpassed that. I am so blessed and thankful to the community, and my friends/family for supporting me up until this point! My next huge milestone is 1000. I know I can make it there, so thank...
  17. J

    200 Subscribers!!

    I just hit 200 subscribers on my JAYVEETEE Channel! I've been making videos for about a year but I'm not really consistent so my subscriber growth is probably slow compared to other people but I'm proud of this! Making this channel was a huge step for me. I've always wanted to make comedy vlogs...
  18. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Thanks For 100 Subscribers

    Hello best friends,so finally we hit 100 subscriber on this channel & the best part is we did it in less then 3 months.Honestly this channel is because all of you guys.Thanks for giving so much support & showing your love.So this is a 100 subs special thank you video just for you guys.Hope you...