1. S_Mielz


    Didn't even notice until today that I had reached 100,000 views. One of many milestones to come :happy:
  2. LiquidCandy

    JUST HIT 100 SUBS !!

    Oh boy the road is just about to begin ... the grind to 1000 subs hahahah goodluck to everyone !!!
  3. FloFloBear

    400 subscribers!

    After posting a brief video with our guinea piges, I reached 400 subscribers on my channel! I am incredibly happy and wanted to share the news here. It motivates me to keep making videos and I am really thankful for everyone who supports me. Now I will focus on reaching the next goal: 500!
  4. Jon Brooks

    10,000 subscribers and 6 Million views

    Hi guys, I'm delighted to say that my YouTube channel has just hit 10,000 subscribers and 6 million views! Yay! Good luck and best wishes to everyone building their channel and creating content too. Jon Brooks
  5. The_Man_XX

    1000 Subscribers - FINALLY

    I just want to thank all those who supported me and who subscribed to my channel to help me reach 1000 subscribers. It really feels good and hopefully i can reach the big one - 10,000:)
  6. Orbital Fantasy™

    We reached 1,000 subscribers recently!

    We're simply speechless! We thank the public for the support! We aim to entertain, above everything else. Earning money on YouTube isn't our priority.
  7. Quirkypoo

    100 subs!

    I’ve made some huge changes to my channel, adding face cam, changing thumbnails and loads more due to suggestions from this forum and it seems to of worked! I have subscribers now who seem to be pretty solid fans, which makes me feel super proud. It shows that I might actually make different...
  8. Eve Hemingway

    What is a good amount to do milestone giveaway?

    Hi guys! I see a lot of milestone giveaways but I was wondering if it's good to do one maybe at 200 or is this too soon? Have any of you done a giveaway before for a significant sub count?
  9. J

    Slowly moving up the Subscriber ranks ^_^

    Got 100 subs recently! A big achievement for me, especially since I hope to someday do something more with it. That's all I really have to say, but if you wanna check my channel, feel free to :)
  10. GooberVlogs

    Hit 600

    Whooop whooop 600 subscribers... At the rate i'm going I should hit 1000 in 2 years LMFAO!!
  11. Curiosity Ridge

    400 views! 700% INCREASE!

    Hey everybody! I just broke 400 views! I recently started uploading daily and have since had my views skyrocket (who knew .) So if you are one of my GEORGEOUS viewers, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! And of you aren't, what are you waiting for?! Come join the party! Here's to 500!
  12. Curiosity Ridge

    First 20 subs on Science channel!

    I managed to get my first 20 subscribers on my channel VideoDoseDaily! I am so thrilled that people are taking an interest in my Science and technology vids! Heres to humble beginnings, let's try for 25 now!
  13. Whitesand

    Just Hit 10,000 Subscribers!

    Just a few hours ago my channel hit 10,000 subscriber mark. I am so happy! I took me a little more than 1.5 years to get here and this journey so far was extraordinary. When I started, I thought for the channel like mine (beginner music composer) it was impossible. But throughout I learned so...
  14. EJ Hoffman-Stinson

    100 subs!!

    Today I just hit a huge milestone for me and that was hitting 100 subscribers. So thankful for all the support.
  15. Nerfworthy

    50 subscribers!

    I've hitted 50 subscribers yesterday, and i'm so happy! Started youtube a month ago, and we going strong! My next goal is to hit 100 by the end of March, but .. I have a strong feeling i'll hit it till 15th march, >:D!
  16. ucandp

    200 Subscribers!

    Hi everyone! I started Youtube 1 year ago. Did a couple videos and stopped until about December. Both my comedy channel and my Vlog channel have now reached 200 subs. Ive really been consistent this year with my vlogs and I'm so happy that I've reached the 200 milestone! Out of that maybe 80...
  17. Syd the Squid

    100 Subscribers!

    Hey my dudes! I finally hit 100 subscribers last night! I'm super excited to have finally hit this milestone! I guess I've been doing something right! I can't wait to see how much this channel will grow!
  18. ClawCoupleSG

    Over 500 Subs & 1000 hours watch time!

    Hi Guys I'm so hyped today! After 4 months of grinding on YouTube I made it to over 500 subs and 1000 hours of watch time so far!!
  19. fatisis

    Surpassed 1000 subs but not 4000 hours...

    It was a close call... Maybe it's because my videos are short... Now I'll wait and see what happens when I reach 4.000 hours... Pff...
  20. Freddie Hill

    1000 Hours View Time !!!

    Thank you so much all of you here at YTtalk ! you are all the reason for me achieving this ! Words cannot explain how happy i am ! once again thank you and peace out !
  21. Dre Finesse

    Got My First 50 Subs in 2 Weeks Off My First Music Video

    Over 1.3k Plays On soundcloud and over 40 Likes . with sooo much love on the YouTube video in the little time its been out. I feel like this is the beggining of a long journey . Mark my words Dre Finesse you gonna hear him on the radio , tv , and ALL over the music side of YouTube.
  22. J

    10 subscribers

    I know this is not a lot of subscribers. But believe me, 2 digits? I'm feeling proud.
  23. GameGabe


    A bit more than 2 years have passed and the channel has reached a new milestone! 75.000 Views woohooo!!! 100.000 here we come
  24. T

    Can a website help your channel?

    Hi, I was thinking: what if i built a website with SEO approach connected to my channel, where i can write anything related to the work on my channel. If i make videos about gaming, i can write about new trend games. I'm a filmmaker too, so i can write about video and editing tips. All this to...
  25. rachellerch

    200 subscribers... 800 to go!

    Hi everyone! I used to be monetized and now I'm not.. I'm sure many are in the same boat. I was not making a lot of money yet on this channel, but it's my passion channel so I really want to make something of it. So anyway, my milestone is... 200 subs! Woohoo! Hopefully they will all tell their...
  26. T

    300 subs

    In one month i had more views than the entire past year O.O !! My channel now is growing and i'm happy with that. I think i found a good formula to relate with the community and to edit my videos. I'm a singer and my channel is about me covering songs. There is a lot of competition out there...
  27. A

    How to reach a female audience?

    Hey guys! I got pretty lucky and got to 100 within 5 days and it's been 9 days and I'm at 294 subs with 6,695 views! I'm pretty happy about that. I also started a new Instagram to go with my YouTube account and I've gained 140 followers in the last week. My only gripe is that I'm not hitting...
  28. Takadaroba

    200 Subscribers

    Hello everybody! After having my channel since 2011, creating almost 500 videos, and reaching over 40,000 views, I have finally reached 200 subscribers! This was such a big goal for me since it felt like the time between 100 and 200 felt like years upon years, I'm so so happy to have finally...
  29. Clueless Comrades

    Last Night We Hit 3,000 Total Views!!!

    Hell Yeah making progress! We Started almost exactly 7 months ago and we are still going up! Looking forward to 2018, got big plans in store!! Hope you guys are hitting your goals too! Let's all get to the top!!!
  30. OrionTheFilmer

    I hit 300 subscribers!

    this week i hit 300 subscribers and im very grateful of that. great way to start off the new year right! im gonna do a 300 subscriber special soon don't worry!