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Finally Broke 100 Subscribers on my VLOG Channel!


Commander Vlogs
I am so glad that I finally broke 100 subscribers on my VLOG channel!
I have been working so hard, been on that daily VLOG grind and it has paid off!
I past 100 subscribers on Tuesday and today I am at 124 subscribers.
Killing the game now. I appreciate all who support me, I couldn't do it with out you.
So, from the bottom of my heart! Thank You & Happy Holidays!
183 subscribers as of today. Killing the game now guys. Feel free to stop by and ask for reviews on your channels. I love reviewing peoples videos and helping out! :)
Dang good job man, I was checking out your gaming channel too. Really good stuff! Nearly 3k subs too! That's awesome man hope we get there too!