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Just Hit 10,000 Subscribers!


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Just a few hours ago my channel hit 10,000 subscriber mark. I am so happy!

I took me a little more than 1.5 years to get here and this journey so far was extraordinary.
When I started, I thought for the channel like mine (beginner music composer) it was impossible.
But throughout I learned so much.

I guess I am writing this so I would encourage anyone who feels down or discouraged not to give up!
Majority of my growth happened within the last 2 months and now it feels that all the work I've put in, starting to pay off!

Also, be smart! Analyze what works what doesn't and stick to your strengths. Keep in mind what people want to watch. Study what works for other similar YouTuber's, but be yourself, do things your own way!

100,000 - here we come!

Good luck in your journey!
Congratulations for reaching this milestone. Your music on the intro video is very soothing. You've got yourself a new suscriber !