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  1. BeeCrime

    What should I do to make money from a niche music channel with over 30k sub but got copyright claimed on almost videos

    That channel has been my small project since 2015—my enthusiasm for this unique genre of music. Most of the subscribers are loyal fans. I know I will never be part of the Youtube Partner program due to copyright, even I have approvals from the composers (that I did have). What should I do?
  2. Cassarilla

    Thumbnails for Cover Songs?

    So, I know that my thumbnails need some work. I've been posting every day lately so it's a lot of videos adding up. Five days a week I do singing/ukulele covers and I'm stuck between a couple of options for the thumbnails of those in particular. Doing what I'm have been which is just taking...
  3. zenhd

    Feels Like Home

    BEST OF CHILL OUT MUSIC EVERYDAY ;) Please: Share it & Enjoy this
  4. zenhd

    Chillout Lounge Relaxing 2018 Mix Music For The Beach

    If possible visit my channel to listen to relaxing music and suggestions to help me grow my channel
  5. Whitesand

    Just Hit 10,000 Subscribers!

    Just a few hours ago my channel hit 10,000 subscriber mark. I am so happy! I took me a little more than 1.5 years to get here and this journey so far was extraordinary. When I started, I thought for the channel like mine (beginner music composer) it was impossible. But throughout I learned so...
  6. EmmaHudsonSinger

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland Cover)- Emma Hudson

  7. EmmaHudsonSinger

    Golfinger (Shirley Bassey Cover)- Emma Hudson

  8. X

    * Bass music * Brand new promotion channel * Spartans of Bass *

    Check out our channel over here: We are doing daily uploads of every genre as long as it contains bass! Think off (but not limited to): House Dubstep Trap Future Bass Bass house Drum and Bass + Much more!
  9. M

    Music Save My Soul (original music and original music video)

    Any musicians interested in collaborating to make music that'd be along these lines? Both covers and originals are up for options. Both the music and the video have been done by me. Looking forward to some replies!
  10. Aviion Music

    Hit 100!

    Just wanted to share that I hit 100 subs the other day and felt really good about it! I love my little community that is growing and invite anyone to come listen to the songs that I find! Have a wonderful day Aviion
  11. T

    How does YouTube music channels earns money?

    Hello, I am interested in How YT channels like xKito Music makes money for them selves even though they are posting copyrighted music. -- What are the options in earning money for YouTube channel like this? Alright. xKito can ask the song owner for getting the license. So she get the license...
  12. J

    Request [Free] Need a Banner and Profile Pic For My Music Channel

    Hey i need a banner an profile pic for the music channel that i want to start up. If you're interested reply and i will let you know what i need on it. :):):):)
  13. J

    Feedback on piano video

    Hello all, I would like to have some feedback about my a piano video. In fact, I would like to make my next videos as pleasant as possible for viewers, and this is why I need your opinion. I would like to know what you think about everything, the audio, the video anything that disturbs you so...
  14. Elaine Yu

    Review my piano channel please?

    Hi everyone, This is my channel: I'm trying to build up my subscribers at the moment. Any suggestions on what to improve? Do I need to post longer videos? Will they help? Thank you, Elaine
  15. Group04

    why it is too hard to grow subcribers

    HI, I'm from Group 04, a music channel on youtube. Why it is too hard to grow subcribers ? We are trying to do everything we got to make more audience for our channel, we work hard to make more video, more music[ Premiere]. If you have any tips, please share it, that will help us. And Can you...
  16. trapezefilm

    Music Looking for other music making channels

    Hey, I want to find other channels which match our content for potential collaborations, shout outs and other mutual promotion. My name is Reuben, my channel specialises in making videos for musicians. I am looking for channels that - Promote the arts in their community. - Create their...
  17. Mg-Marteen

    Started a Music Channel... What Do You Think?

    :help: I just released my first song yesterday with very little success and I have never made a music channel before. Any feedback on how it looks or if its enjoyable? :confused: Any feedback would be appreciated ;)
  18. Rickyduvall

    Made it to 50!!

    I know in the grand scheme of things it's not that much, but it sure is nice! Please help me reach my next goal of 100, which i hear is the hardest!
  19. Bentura Madrid

    100 Subscribers! Oh Yeah!!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to announce my channels first milestone... 100 subscribers! Thank you all. My next video will be an extra special one! Now on to 500 :0) Channel: Digital Bird Music Nest Thanks, Bentura Madrid
  20. MistyEmma

    I Need Some Advice - Content Management?

    Hey, At the moment, I do a variety of different videos on my channel from vlogs to storytimes to hauls and DIY videos. I have a separate gaming channel. Previously, I have uploaded cover songs to my main channel. However, I'm thinking of doing a lot more of them, as well as uploading some of my...
  21. Mitch Music

    Use Our Music in Your Vlogs for Free!

    Hey hey! We are 2 composers on a mission to share our music with the YouTube Creator Community! All our songs are FREE & Copyright/Royalty Free so there is no risk of getting copyright claims or copyright strikes from us. Just make sure to credit us if you use any of our songs. That's it...
  22. TV Harmonies

    7 Years Ukulele Cover

    Hey everyone, this is my new cover on youtube and I'm fairly new to this and I'd love to get some feedback and comments ! Thank you all very much, I really appreciate it !
  23. M

    Music Soon to record full electropop LP. Open to any collaborations

    Hi, we're an electropop band and we're soon to record our first LP "Big Dreams, Little Town". Here's our website: And we're open to any collabs, provided it will benefit both of us :)
  24. Jordan Lyman

    Up and Coming Singer Songwriter

    Hey! My name is Jordan Lyman and I've been writing my own music for a while, but have just recently started making videos of my songs. Please check out and spread around this new song. It's in my Dormitory Series playlist, as I am recording all of these on my laptop in my dorm room. This can...
  25. JayManOurMusicBox

    Anyone done Playlist4Playlist? Any success?

    A comment just caught my eye here on YTT about something called Playlist4Playlist (that's why I love YTT). You can search it up. Basically you are swapping your playlists with another friend's playlist and posting it on your channel page. Both of you posts each other's playlist on your channel...
  26. PVS

    Latest from Life (Network)

    First off, this is not a rant or anything. Just sharing my experience. Personal and with the network. About a year and a half ago I started my YouTube channel. It was mainly music oriented (we all know how dodgy that can be) and I managed to partner with Life (or a least on of their daughter...
  27. JayManOurMusicBox

    So cool. 2000 views.

    I know it may not be much to some but I just hit 2000 views and I am stoke. I've learnt so much here and it's just been under a month. Coincidentally I am tracking 2000 videos using my music. I am happy :)
  28. JayManOurMusicBox

    Create separate series or 2nd/3rd channel? Pls advice.

    I need some advice. I currently offer 2-5 minute royalty free music tracks for free on my channel for creators to use in their videos. I am planning 2 other projects: Project A I am planning to also either create a series or a new channel to post 'intro music' that I have composed that are 3 to...
  29. AMoBroBro

    How do I grow my music channel?

    Been having a channel for 3 years and now im really ready for the next step. I just don't know where to start and how to get the subscribers rolling in to hear original music...
  30. Ans Marie

    Request Good Music?

    Does anyone know of any good music that isn't copyrighted? Or is anyone willing to make me about three or four tracks I can use? I couldn't pay you except giving you credit at the end of my videos and in the description...