How does YouTube music channels earns money?


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I am interested in How YT channels like xKito Music makes money for them selves even though they are posting copyrighted music.

-- What are the options in earning money for YouTube channel like this?

Alright. xKito can ask the song owner for getting the license. So she get the license and what to do next? Should she show the license to YouTube for their approval? (How?)

If I understand it correctly:
1. she upload the song
2. she show YouTube the license (so YouTube will not give her a strike for copyrighted music)
3. What next? How does she earns the money? Is the money from Ads going to her pocket or to the song owner? If it goes to the song owner - it’s mean she is not earning any $? Anything? Nothing?

Thank you :)
Who says she's earning any money?

Anyway, it would work something like this:
1) A copyrighted song is uploaded
2) IF that song is in the ContentID system, the song is detected, the copyright owner starts (automatically) monetizing the song and the uploader is notified (this is not a "strike")
3) The uploader appeals the ContentID match by sending proof of license/ownership/right to use
4) Youtube reviews the appeal and allows the uploader to monetize the video

Source: I have gone through this/done this many, many times.
Typically YouTube musical artists won't rely on YouTube for income. Keep in mind YouTube likes to favor 10 minute videos, as they can have more advertisements. Songs typically aren't that long, and with copyright claims, it's very hard to make an income from a music channel alone. That's why they expand their horizons. They'll upload to places like iTunes or other places where they can sell their music, start a Patreon (which people actually find acceptable towards musical artists), sell merchandise, and possibly have another channel on the side, such as a gaming channel. Hope this helped. :)