1. Wayfire

    Winning the lottery with Yotta Savings account

    Hello, I recently made a video looking into Yotta Savings account. It is an online savings account you can get on your phone. For every $25 you have in it, you get a ticket for a weekly drawing. Cash prizes go up to $10 million dollars. So is it worth it? Check out the video
  2. E

    How To Invest $100,000 In Real Estate IN THE CURRENT MARKET [Step-by-Step]

    In this video I'm going to walk you through how to invest in real estate in order to build your portfolio fast and retire early. These steps are applicable whether you have $100,000 to invest or any other amount of money. The current real estate market right now, especially with all that's going...
  3. Invest with Will West

    [Video Review] How is my voiceover, audio and plot content, pacing for the video? Advice Welcome!

    Looking for honest critique - what can I improve in terms of voiceover and audio and also the general plot content and pacing of the video? Is it too fast, too slow? How bad is my accent?
  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Why You NEED To Work for FREE!! (RANT)

    Should I Work For FREE? Can working for free to grow a business work? Never work for free? Or can working for free be your side hustle? I am a firm believer that working for free can be the key to your future and a great way to start a business but you need to understand its a long term game not...
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    10x Your Income With This ONE SIMPLE TRICK - Hourly Rate vs Set Fee (not clickbait)

    Increase your income, boost cash flow and earn more money by just changing your mindset. Today I share How I 10X Income in my business by changing from hourly rate to set fee and then simply focused on getting better at my job. How To 10X Your Income - Earn More Money By Being More Efficient At...
  6. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Passive Income Is A Lie... BUT! (RANT)

    Passive Income in 2020, Passive Income meaning lazy money does not exists yet it is a holy grail for some people. Make money online, passive income from youtube, and passive income from investments are the great get rich quick schemes of the internet generation but I am here to tell you honestly...
  7. Money Talks

    1000 total views!

    Finally hit 1000 total views on my channel! I know its not a lot but its progress and its great to see people enjoying our videos and hopefully learning from them! Thank you all for the support and I'm excited to continue making these videos in order to help others!
  8. Money Talks

    20 subscribers on first day of channel!

    Hi Everyone, I'm excited to announce that within one day of starting my channel I have 20 subscribers already! I know it's not a lot but it's cool to see people take interest in my channel! Hopefully, the subs will start to add up and ill be able to reach and help more people with my channel! :)
  9. M

    Urgent Question

    On YouTube now, I have the option to 'Monetize videos with ads', but I don't have an Adsense account now and I havent applied for monetization. So if i put ads now, can I collect the revenue AFTER i join? or does it not make revenue? Would really appreciate an answer. thanks.
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Does Monetization Increase Views? - No Ads = Less Views?

    Does Monetization Increase Views - No Ads = Less Views? // Does demonetization affect views? Since the adpocalypse many people have worried that if their videos did not adverts that YouTube would push the videos less and get you less views overall. This is an urban legend that I wanted to...
  11. I

    Youtube doesn't want to share money with Creators

    I have this feeling. I was so naive before. But look this. To understand, if a company want to use advertsing on youtube, they pay google adwords. So google share a part of the revenue with google adsense. But that's not 45-55 but...
  12. Less Dank

    is Doordash Peak Pay a SCAM?! LET ME KNOW!

  13. E

    How should I set up my paypal?

    I'm a small youtuber, so I don't think I should connect my paypal to my youtube, but I was going to make one, so I wanted to know, should I create a Business or a Personal paypal account for whenever I do connect my paypal to my youtube. What are the pros and cons of each type, and which one...
  14. Dave2017

    Why time is worth more than money

  15. I

    the network partner ifreezone

    Hi guys I have a youtube channel linked with a network partner call "ifreezone", the partner send my money without any problem for 1 year , but the last 15 days she didn't send me anything and also the monetezation are disabled from my channel , i think ifreezone is a thief , what d u think...
  16. Juss Mckenna

    YouTube Channel Banner Needed...

    Can someone make a banner for my channel? $5??
  17. Ccc

    How To Rent Property In London

    Hey guys, I make silly animations using a dry sense of humour. Please check it out and share/subscribe/comment. I will happily subscribe back if you subscribe.
  18. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Facebook Change To The News Feed That Hurts Business Pages

    If you have a Facebook Business Page of any kind you NEED to watch this video! Facebook announced a major News Feed change that is going to impact your business page. What does this mean for you and your Facebook marketing? I go over this change and some tips to help you still utilize Facebook...
  19. C

    videos with famous songs lyrics

    I was about to post the video but it's not allowed. I want to post a video to show the lyrics of a song and show the lyrics translation piece by piece without the audio of the song. I posted a video like that 2 days ago and it hasn't been taking down yet (it has 200 views) - is it against the...
  20. earnwithronny

    Strategies to promote you tube channel

    Hello everyone! I have been doing youtube for years, ( as a side , just for fun) I am inspired by all the famous youtubers rice gum, vitaly, and other successful youtubers. Recently i have been taking it more serious (2.5k views) I currently have a channel dedicated to ways to make money online...
  21. C

    Hot Topic New monetization changes: 4k hours & 1k subs (**discussion here only**)

    They increased the req to get into it again.
  22. Z

    Request Need a good quality intro for my new channel! Willing to pay.

    Hi there, I've recently just started uploading after many years wondering what if.. I'm in need of a YouTube intro and I'm willing to pay. My username is ZVCH and I would like a funny intro including my username and my face I have a picture of. If this is something you can do then please contact...
  23. BinoDino

    Promoting a small channel?

    hey guys, i have just one question. does anyone know a good method on getting exposure to a gaming channel? has any one did promotion like paid? if so how did that workout i dont mind paying to promote my channel just to get it off the ground.but i would also like to know what else helps...
  24. Justin West

    Email lists: Why isn't anyone talking about this?

    I'm assuming most YouTubers on here are working on their channels with the hope or at least thought that maybe, one day, eventually it might be able to make some money. I'm a digital marketer who's currently working with two YouTube channels to create a marketing infrastructure and a real...
  25. helloimtim

    doing it for the $$$

    Why are so many people only making videos to become rich or popular on YouTube. What happened to just making your videos because you love filming the stuff you do? I see so many threads where people are asking each other how much money they make or if they are "making full time money".. I'm...
  26. Jiri82pi

    How to make money on my high traffic channel when adsense does not make money

    OK,.. The question is simple how to make money on my channel which has almost 100k views per day. Adsense does not work because the theme of my videos is probably not interesting to advertisers. Some ideas?
  27. SIFY

    Which YouTube Network Is best

    Hi, which YouTube network is best for me: I am a gaming channel. I do not want to join: Freedom and Zoomin.TV
  28. Jungle Explorer

    Sudden revenue drop lately ? (all discussion here ONLY)

    Okay. Here is the answer to my own question. I thought I would post this for everyone here that is asking questions. Please pay special attention to the text in RED. The revenue system is not working right now because they are working on it. "Hi YouTube community, We recently posted a...