1. E

    Low paying rates - Highest paying YouTube network?

    Hey guys, I am running a channel making about 15k views per month (I know, not too much, but still) and I get about 1,1$ per month, which means I get like >0,1$ for 1k views which is pretty bad I guess That's why I wanted to ask if theres that one 'most paying YouTube network"?. Thank you!
  2. M

    I am getting 50K+ views on my videos but no money?

    I have over 650,000 views in total on my channel but I have only made $28. Why is this? My first video makes up most of the earnings ($26). Even though my second video has more views, I only got 30 cents from it... I am so confused! I have not yet linked an adsense account to my channel. Is this...
  3. TastyGamers

    Request Thumbnails from you, money from us. Will pay for work.

    Hi. So we will start youtube channel and thumbnails will be needed. I am ready to buy all the time thumbnails from someone for a reasonable price. So please give me some examples and price for 1 thumbnail. My skype for contacting: arturs.krapans (or can just post here)
  4. MitchProVideos

    How can I get the money I make off youtube?

    I have an absence account linked, but how can I receive the money. At the moment its only a couple of dollars but when I want the money where or how do I get it.
  5. S

    Low revenue!

    Hey there! I'm with the network Curse and i've got a question, my channel has got about 95k views per month of which about 85k of those are monetized. Our channel has a 1min and 55 sec average time watched per view. Our top countries who watch our videos are USA->RUSSIA->GERMANY->UK. We gain an...
  6. DaRealApollo

    Rolling in YT Millions (or lack there of)!

    We all know the relatable struggles of this, especially if you're one of the new kids to YouTube. You know, those 12 year old minecrafters that upload silent hour-long let's plays expecting to be PewDiePie. Yeah, this is aimed towards those annoying little kids who think they'll be rolling in...
  7. TechDestroyerz

    Services Simple Video Editing

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  8. Dazb4t

    I need some help.

    Hi folks, I need some advice here, I have a you tube partnership programme, which the channel has been active now for just over a year. I linked the adsense from my Dazb4t acc to my main google acc, which I have an adsense set up infact it was the only way google would let me do it. So when...