1. Justin West

    Email lists: Why isn't anyone talking about this?

    I'm assuming most YouTubers on here are working on their channels with the hope or at least thought that maybe, one day, eventually it might be able to make some money. I'm a digital marketer who's currently working with two YouTube channels to create a marketing infrastructure and a real...
  2. helloimtim

    doing it for the $$$

    Why are so many people only making videos to become rich or popular on YouTube. What happened to just making your videos because you love filming the stuff you do? I see so many threads where people are asking each other how much money they make or if they are "making full time money".. I'm...
  3. Jiri82pi

    How to make money on my high traffic channel when adsense does not make money

    OK,.. The question is simple how to make money on my channel which has almost 100k views per day. Adsense does not work because the theme of my videos is probably not interesting to advertisers. Some ideas?
  4. SIFY

    Which YouTube Network Is best

    Hi, which YouTube network is best for me: I am a gaming channel. I do not want to join: Freedom and Zoomin.TV
  5. Jungle Explorer

    Sudden revenue drop lately ? (all discussion here ONLY)

    Okay. Here is the answer to my own question. I thought I would post this for everyone here that is asking questions. Please pay special attention to the text in RED. The revenue system is not working right now because they are working on it. "Hi YouTube community, We recently posted a...
  6. Jiri82pi

    2.000.000 views - REVENUE 5,48 USD - HELP!!!

    Hello, monetization is allowed on my YT channel, but earnings are absolutely disastrous. For 2M views, I received $ 5.48. What is wrong? ... Can anyone help me? Thanks for the reply
  7. HearingMind

    Anyone using ifree network here?

    I have found out ifree network they pay daily if your ammount Is higher than $5 is this true? Is someone with that network? It requires 1k monthly views though
  8. Nivolt

    Request Profile Picture and Banner [Free]

    Hey! I have 800 subscribers on YouTube and am looking for new channel art...I would like a Profile Picture and Banner for my Channel. My Channel name is "OC Nivolt". It will be the first one on YouTube. If you can help I would really appreciate it!
  9. A

    Do you want to ever make a career out of YouTube?

    I always thought that it would be nice to make a career out of YouTube, or at least some extra income. I'm almost on my first dollar! :D
  10. Z

    5+ Million views but terrible payout, WTF going on?

    Hey people, just thought I needed help, I know there was the boycott and what not, but things were supposed to get much better by now, according to youtube analytics and socialblade, I have over 5 million views in the last 30 days. I just got paid out $1700 $1700 for 5.5 million views!? you...
  11. SmokeySpace

    Should I Monetize My Videos? Goods/Bads?

    I don't really like the idea of ads on my videos because they won't really help me and are just annoying to the viewers, although I heard they help you get ranked and recommended, so I'm not sure if I should or not what do you guys think?
  12. T

    How does YouTube music channels earns money?

    Hello, I am interested in How YT channels like xKito Music makes money for them selves even though they are posting copyrighted music. -- What are the options in earning money for YouTube channel like this? Alright. xKito can ask the song owner for getting the license. So she get the license...
  13. SmokeySpace

    Best Way To Set Up Donations?

    I'm just looking for the best way to set up donations for my channel, I would like to have this system be able to be integrated into stream alerts, and I use YouTube to stream. If you have ways to set up donations like different websites and whatever I would be glad to hear them :D
  14. I

    Can I make money from lyrics videos on YouTube?

    Obviously, I will add lyrics with music/songs. But I am concern about the songs which I am going to use. It will not be my own. In such case, can I make money via adsense ?
  15. A

    Youtube Partner Money Problem

    Hello Guys My name is Ahmet and I joined new. :) My Partner is Maker Studios Network and Paypal is closed in Turkey. About 10 months i cant Money. And I could not get my Money. But 2 month ago i sent message and maker studio want my Wire Transfer information contract. And 2 month ago I sent to...
  16. G

    Why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?

    I just got 800.000 views on a youtube video, but I have only earned 50 dollars, because over half of the viewers are using Adblock. So, my question is, why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?? Thanks in advance

    I just applied for monetization. Any tips for beginners?

    Hey guys, I've been doing youtube for 2 weeks now and I applied monetization for a few days on my channel. I can see how much a video makes on this google adsense link but I have a no idea what most of the terms mean they use. Can someone experienced give me a little advice on what to consider...
  18. Hiper115

    Request Need intro,outro,music for both,banner and channel icon (money depends on quality)

    Hello, everyone! As the title says, I need an intro, outro, music for both, banner and channel icon! I would prefer it to be for free, but if it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen, then we can talk about payments. On my channel I do gaming and my channel name is spelt Hiper but pronounced...
  19. O

    Do you need a big following to get donations on Patreon?

    I was thinking of starting a Patreon page so I could get some cash to help fund my videos. Do I need a big following or can I earn say a decent amount of income. All I'm looking for currently is anywhere from 20-40 a month.
  20. Ruben & Natividad

    Request Looking for someone to design an intro for my vlog channel! ($50)

    I am currently looking for someone to design an intro for my vlogging channel and I am willing to pay $50 paypal, Western Union, or I'll send it to your account from my bank account! First I would like you to take a look at my channel, and it is called Ruben & Natividad. Look at the two recent...
  21. Keelxn

    Request Looking for Minecraft banner & Icon.

    Payment: I will pay you money via PayPal. The price will be determined on how in depth your work is. I would like to see your work before I even think about purchasing from you. Details: Now, I am looking for minecraft channel art. I would like it to be like a cartoon style. Here is an example...
  22. J

    What is the best Partnership for channels with 100 or under subs

    Title really says it all. What is the best Partnership for channels with 100 or under subs ? Let me know your experiences
  23. JanPlays_

    Jalopy | the beginning |Parody|

    Hello everyone, in this video i'm playing Jalopy, a game where you have a choice of stealing or playing the game without stealing, you drive an old car that you and you're uncle built. Enjoy! and tell me if you think the video is good :) please leave a like and subscribe!
  24. G-Legend

    What Do You Guys Think Of PewDiePie Deleting His Channel At 50Mil?

    If you ask me, I don't think he'll do it. I think he'll delete his second parody channel "jacksepticeye2" which got 1 million subs in 24 hours.
  25. Benau

    When should I expect to see revenue (how many views)

    Hey all! Benau here, When should I expect to see revenue? I only have about 300 views total but see estimated earnings less than half a dollar. When do you usually see an increase?
  26. Tuurngait Gaming

    A Message to SMALL Channels.

    Hey I'm Tuurngait! So, I notice a decent amount of smaller YouTubers not even at 100 subs or even above 100 by a little, are monetizing their videos. DON'T. There are high odds people will leave your videos because of ads. They might not even know your channel, but they open it up and see an...
  27. TreesandTravels


    I'm a frugal traveler... I thought I'd try to hint people in on some of the things I keep in mind while traveling and planning in order to keep the cost low. I kind of dig my blog post on the same topic a bit better though...
  28. Maarij Bashir

    Best camera for video recording?

    I'm planning on getting a new camera! Just wondering what are good cameras that can improve the quality of my videos? My budget is around $500-800.
  29. HearingMind

    Need some opinion on my channel

    Hello people. I've started my channel around july and very few people have subscribed, like 4-5 it will show 102 subs on my channel, but honestly those are bots, and i feel kinda demotivated that i did something like this, i also used on my videos with the hope of ranking my mixes and people...
  30. Marcus Walker

    Request Looking for a well made banner ($$$)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to make me a well made and clearly designed banner. If it is put together and very clean & professional i won't mind paying them. Please contact me through here or you can email me for more info. Real money or YTCash its up to you!