5+ Million views but terrible payout, WTF going on?

Hey people, just thought I needed help, I know there was the boycott and what not, but things were supposed to get much better by now, according to youtube analytics and socialblade, I have over 5 million views in the last 30 days. I just got paid out $1700

$1700 for 5.5 million views!? you serious? I'm with adsense and not any network, last year in December I got paid 4k dollars for 4 million views. I got paid over twice less now for over 1 million more views... this is a joke, could anyone explain this?

Also I have 2 new videos which both have 400k views, I checked how much I earned from them, and the total revenue from each of these is roughly $70. that's ridiculous since other older of my videos are basically $1 per 1000 views.
I'm not sure about this, but I think since the boycott and big companies leaving youtube the ones that stay are low revenue, meaning that they don't cost as much so the payment is minimum Also on December and the months at the end of the year tend to have bigger ads since is the holiday season. That's what I have seen and that is what I think :)

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That sucks man, all the advice i can give to you is to save your money, and don't get anything with a huuuge payment every month.

The difference in money earned is definitely because the ads on YouTube don't cost as much, therefore don't pay out as much
@ZanarAesthetics Views are one thing. Monetized views are a different matter altogether. You don't get paid for every view a video gets on YouTube. You only get paid when your audience interacts with the ads that are served against your videos.

Sometimes your videos won't even show ads; depending on how many ads are available to be served; and whether or not advertisers have bid to put ads on your videos.

What does your Analytics section say you have in monetized, rather than overall views for the past month? You also must be talking about a different channel than you have linked in your profile; that channel has 144 subs, and 145 views total!
Your previous and recent figures and payout resemble my own. Unfortunately we are currently earning less and I hope it improves also.
That sucks bro, but i do think the advertising is going to get better eventually. Youtube is too large of a platform for advertisers to continue to ignore. there will be other large players that will get back in the youtube advertising space in the near future. mark my words...

Just hang in there during this down time and save your money if possible.
Last 28 days:
Views: 2,907,067
Revenue: $329.52
That's $0,1 per 1000 views!

Had this been just 5 months ago the same amount of views would have been $2900 as my average has been steady between $0,7-1,2 per 1000 generic views (or $3-4 per monetised views depending on low or high season) throghout the 4 years which I've been doing YouTube.

It's the ad penetration that has tanked, no ads appear on my videos!

I used to have 0,25:1 monetised views/views and last month I've had 0,03:1!!!

This means that my average ad appereance went from every fourth view to every 31th view! it's an 88% decreasement!

I've been with Curse up until october 2016 and then I went to Splay.. I think this is happening gaming related channels
This is super unfortunate! It seemed that you would earn a $1 per every 1,000 views back in the day (at least thats the case for me). But now I get nowhere near as much! I have almost 2,000 views on my latest video and only made 5¢, seriously!? I also noticed that my ads are not playing on every video/click and its frustrating. I truly hope that this issue is fixed for everyone because it takes a lot of time to create a video and a next to nothing payout is so de-motivating and makes people not want to create anymore. Its truly sad. I assumed all of the ad drama would blow over by now as well...