low earning

  1. Z

    5+ Million views but terrible payout, WTF going on?

    Hey people, just thought I needed help, I know there was the boycott and what not, but things were supposed to get much better by now, according to youtube analytics and socialblade, I have over 5 million views in the last 30 days. I just got paid out $1700 $1700 for 5.5 million views!? you...
  2. M

    232K+ Views And Just $23 Earning What Could Be The Problem ?

    I've This Video With 232K+ Views And Getting Average 10K Views Daily But The Earning Is Just $23.09 Video Length 1:20 Average Views Duration 0:37 What Could The Problem ? Low CPC Keyword or the ads or watchtime ? Any Help Will Be Appreciated :)