I don't really care about PewDiePie. I used to watch him back when he did Telltale: The Walking Dead playthrough, but since he's just focused far too much on younger viewers, and that ain't me.

If he deletes his channel today, I'll wake up tomorrow like it's every other day! :p
Lol you really think hes gonna delete his main channel which is the #1 most subbed youtube channel making like 15m per year? You're crazy xD
Having seen the video he uploaded explaining, I completely understand his reasoning behind it. It's a pretty drastic measure and I'm still undecided as to whether or not he's genuinely serious about it, but I've always respected his never being afraid to call YouTube out when something is up. I remember hating the guy based on stuff I#d heard, but having seen his content for myself - I say fair play to him.
People are very quick to jump on the hate train because of who he is, but if you're going to read the headline, at least read the rest of the story too.
Deleting his channel doesn't mean he'll quit. He said he'll start a new channel "IF" he even goes through with it.

You actually think he loses money doing this? Subscribers don't make him money, views do, and people that watch him will sub to his new channel. 1 week 5mil+ subs at a minimum. If all 5 mil watch his new vids well he'll be above average even compared to his near-50mil channel.

Personally Idk if he'll go through with it, but if he does he'll have eternal bragging rights. Realistically though, it'd be a good thing for him, his numbers have been over-inflated for a long time since when he "broke records" people started subbing just to see how high he could get -- basically made him into a YT meme where subbing = good. Even if a huge percentage didn't watch a single video.
If you ask me, I don't think he'll do it. I think he'll delete his second parody channel "jacksepticeye2" which got 1 million subs in 24 hours.
He said he was going to delete pewdiepie not jackscepticeye2 lol. For me I'm not fussed as long as he stays on YouTube I'm good
I think it's a stupid idea, with how much time and effort he has put in it, but he has probably earned enough already to live off of for the rest of his life.