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  1. D

    Want to grow on YouTube? Try this tips to grow.

  2. D

    Want to grow on YouTube? Try this tips to grow

  3. J

    My Little Secret on How I Grow my Youtube Channel: Smart Money Tactics

    Hello Everyone, I Tried This ONE SIMPLE TRICK and My YouTube Views Skyrocketed! You won’t believe how easy it is to grow your YouTube channel with this one simple trick. I was struggling to get views and subscribers for months, until I discovered this amazing method that changed everything...
  4. B

    All my videos stopped watching at the same time

    On average, I was getting a total of 3000 - 4000 views per day. I have completed 4000 hours. I started posting shorts videos to increase my subscriber count to 1000. I posted 2 shorts videos a day. All of my shorts videos were watched, surpassing the previous one. meanwhile, I observed a...
  5. E

    Does Fake Engagement Affect Monetization?

    Hi Guys, I once engaged in view4view but then I realized it wasn’t legit and I deleted affected videos. However, view4view is still shown as one of the external sources in analytics even though the videos have been removed. My question is, will the bad record affect my application for YouTube...
  6. Nicekid76

    What camera are you using for your channel?

    What camera are you using for your channel? I'll go first? I use a Canon 60D for my YouTube videos. I've been using the camera since 2012 and I think it released in 2011. Shoots at 1080p 30FPS. The camera still "holds up" for the most part, but it's definitely not as sharp as cameras from the...
  7. genevieve

    should i tell my channel to friends?

    basically i have this channel that i made and it blew up with around 15k within the first few months.. i want to tell my classmates/friends about it but idk bc I'm scared they'll tell other people/leak a face reveal. i just feel like it would be fun to show off to them and maybe get a little...
  8. GooberVlogs

    Constructive Criticism on My Channel

    Hi everyone! I have been a fan of YouTube since 2006 and actually had a channel back in the day until my channel got deleted for copyright movie and music strikes =( YouTube has changed soo much since 2006 LOL.....Anyway I started to make a new channel again back in 2014 and my channel consist...
  9. L

    Good first videos and customized thumbnails but low amount of views, what should I do next?

    I very much appreciate it if you can give me an honest review of my new gaming channel. Why am I getting low amount of views is it the logo, cover image, videos or something else? Please tell me from your experience or opinion. Hope you guys have a great day and taking care of your closest...
  10. HowTo101

    40,000 total views and 100 subs!

    I know its not a lot but i finally hit 40,000 total channel views!! I need to increase my subs but I finally hit 100 which seems like a small but good steeping stone to build off of. Thank you to all of you who support my channel and have subscribed I appreciate it! Im having fun making my...
  11. V

    need help with my suspended channel

    hello guys I am actually here to see if I can get any kind of help with my youtube chanel that was suspended last year for 3 copyright strikes which I didnt intend to do since I never knew there were rules to follow on youtube. I just posted all my family videos there, never did store them...
  12. RashadTheCreator

    Overall Channel Review - 365 Days Later

    Hey guys!! I've been doing Youtube for a year now and it has been amazing. My channel has grown a little, and I'm getting more consistent at putting out content. I would appreciate it very much if I could get some feedback on the below: 1. Branding - I'm thinking of changing up the graphics on...
  13. Jezx

    What Are Your Youtube NY Resolutions?

    Hey all! :) I was just wanted to make a thread on what everyone's goals for 2019 are? Mine are: 1. Post at least 4 times every week (Or at least 208 in the year). 2. Collab with at least 20 other youtubers. 3. Complete the youtubers creators course. 4. Read 2 books on how to run a business. 5...
  14. B

    Animation Looking for Animators on YouTube to collab with.

    If you are interested in working on a video with me (For both channels) message me on Twitter @Bub2ee with your YouTube channel link and how you would like to collaborate. Collaborate by: Voicing some characters in the video Working on a new video Idea Discussing a topic in the form of an...
  15. W

    Is there such a thing as a Google Brand Account in existence?

    When I try to create a google brand account, it directs me to a google support page called "Move YouTube channel to Brand Account", and on that page there is written - quote: "If your YouTube channel is connected to your personal Google Account, you can move it to be connected to a new or...
  16. B

    Music Collab with another youtube channel

    Hi to everyone i'm looking to collab with some youtube channel! I have a music channel,Bass Music,with a lot of genre music like edm,house,trap,etc.. I am new and i need some collab to grow both me and you !
  17. LifeWithAnnie

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty Collab

    Hey guys! I'm Annie and I'm looking for a collaboration either physically where we would create videos for both our channels (I live in the UK so would have to be here unless you're willing to travel) or shoutouts/recommendations of each-others channels. I do have makeup videos on my channel as...
  18. C

    My 15000 subscribers disappeared some how?

    Hi guys I have a youtube channel about tech more than 15000 subscribers, 3 days ago my 15000 subscribers disappeared, why ?? Can someone give the solution please Thank u
  19. XXAllAboutGamingXX

    Got any constructive criticism for my Gaming Channel?

    I need help figuring out if I am doing something wrong. I am struggling to figure out to see if my channel is failing either because I am (Again) doing something wrong, or if it is YOUTUBES Fault. I would appreciate it if you could check out the channel, and tell me what you thought.
  20. Tharsan

    Animation Looking to Collab w/ animator to discuss scientific/medical topics

    I would like to work with a creative individual(s) to create a channel where we discuss scientific and/or medical current or hot topics, news, etc. The videos can be comprised of either exclusively animation, or a combination of animation and live video wherever appropriate. I have an...
  21. J.Kposowa

    A Small Change, Can Make A Big Difference.

    I was always gung-ho with my channel and its ideas, just throwing out what I thought would be good. But after watching Jump Cut Academy. They taught me to take a step back and find out who I really am. In doing so, I realised why my channel wasn't growing because I wasn't being myself and my...
  22. ProXima123

    Should I or Shouldn't I?

    I have been observing a lot of people questioning the ability to hide subscribers from viewers. Not that I think it's a bad thing, but my question is, does it really help? Is there an incentive or benefit in doing so? Does it seem disingenuous if a channel hides their subscribers from their...
  23. MrPryce

    Persona 5 May Walkthrough Part 5

  24. KrenzyHD

    Commentary Looking for Collabs! - Small Commentary Channels

    I am looking for some small commentary channels who make good quality content who I can collab with. I have 224 subscribers at the time of this post but I'm not really too fussed about the sub count- as long as you are entertaining and produce content of a high standard. I make "reaction...
  25. MrPryce

    Persona 5 May Walkthrough Part 2

  26. kevinboston7

    Anyone know of any YouTube channels that Covers the NFL

    I am looking for YouTube channel primarily focused on the NFL that covers all teams even though my favorite team is the 49ers I'm looking for this Channel 2 be from a fan point of view much like the hockey guy and hands down hockey and post to post is for the sport of hockey I have been...
  27. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To CHOOSE YOUR OWN YouTube Custom URL in 2018 - Not The Auto Generated Custom Channel URL

    How To CHOOSE YOUR OWN YouTube Custom Channel URL in 2018 - Not The Auto Generated Channel URL // How To Change Channel URL and Get YouTube A Custom URL in 2018. The Custom URL for YouTube Channels can help you brand your channel. How to make a custom channel url is a topic I have made a video...
  28. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube Channel Name - How To Name Your Channel

  29. shauna

    Help me out with my channel content/niche!

    sorry this is really long but i need some advice lol So I have been making covers for about 5 years now and I no longer want to do as many covers anymore as I dont want to be known as a cover artist. I know its good to have a niche channel but if im not uploading covers every week I cant...
  30. F

    Privacy Settings (User Roles)

    Hi... Can somebody tell me about youtube users roles... I am a little bit confused about my data ... Secure or not?Two users manage a (YOUTUBE) channel one is owner & second one is manger ... I want manger just add a video on my channel or just view it ... never have permission to delete/edit...