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  1. KantoGaming

    Sims 4 Speed Build

    I uploaded a speed build on my channel of a Sims 4 Desert Spa! What are you waiting for? It's perfect get away for your sims!!
  2. Everyonelovescali

    Other Collaboration Come One Come All

    Hi Im cali and i am doing my first collaboration but i dont know who to do it with so i am coming on yttalk to find out if anyone wants to collab with me. My channe Is about alot of random things i do so many things for my channel. So i am open to any ideas that you may have. But no gaming You...
  3. Its Ryan


    Hey guys it is really hard for new and even famous youtuber to be original now. But I have some tips that can help you be original or at least kind of original. 1) You don't have to be completely original! If you can think of something that is completely original for example, RiceGum and his...
  4. mikehaden

    Getting your channel whitelisted

    Hello, I am a music producer and at this moment I have 3 remixes uploaded on my youtube channel which are all included in the ContentID system and they are claimed by their copyright holder, in this case, 3 different record labels. I have been thinking to send an email to the record labels...
  5. Its Ryan


    Hey guys are you having the same problem that I have with yt. One of the hardest things that i think that all youtubers have to go through is motivation. There is a bunch of doubt when you go into youtube. What do you guys do to motivate yourself and what should i do to help myself?
  6. KantoGaming

    Making ugly Sims. What have I done?

    I have a silly video where I torture sims by making them look the worst that I can, and I have a lot of laughs doing it.
  7. KantoGaming

    Gaming Silly Gaming Collab

    Hello gamers! I'm looking for some other gamers to collab with! I don't really have any specifics as far as age, I am 21 tho, so keep that in mind. I don't care about gender either. I'm thinking more of a pc game collab, but I also have Xbox one. I have a bunch of games on steam, so we could...
  8. KantoGaming

    I'm interested in your channels!

    Seriously, it's no joke :D I always love checking out fellow small youtuber channels, I think it's a great way to communicate back and fourth and make friendships! So, post a random comment below.. Like what your favorite food is, and I'll check out your channel link. :wavespin:
  9. Its Ryan


    Who else is super confused with reddit. Cuz it legit looks like a site from 2004. If anyone can tell me how to use this i will be very thankful. I heard that it can drive a lot of traffic so.
  10. KantoGaming


    Hey fellow Youtubers! I just posted a new kind of video I have never done before! (I usually do gameplay/lets play videos) Its called Top 5 Games Coming This Fall ! Check it out! I had a lot of fun making it!
  11. TheSGGamingChannel

    2 Months of YouTube

    I only have 1 more part of my 2nd Let's Play, and I feel I've made considerable progress in 2 months. Its slow, and SEO is difficult, but I feel I'm doing better than other channels my size honestly. I've made a post like this a while back, and its a two month anniversary, I would like some...
  12. CyberunHD

    please review my new "upcoming games" channel trailer

    Hey Guys, i have made a new channel trailer that focuses on the games that i will be making video's of that are due out later this year, any feedback good or bad would be much appreciated:) Thanks for watching
  13. Its Ryan


    The big problem with many people and the biggest reason why people leave and quit youtube is motivation. Many people forget why they actually started youtube and all of a sudden the numbers start to take over. So here are some ways that I stay motivated. 1) Instead of focusing on growing I...
  14. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I am feeling very curious today. I just wanted to know what you guys do on youtube and why are you doing it? I do funny moments on games because I just love to make people laugh and I love seeing my progress in these videos.
  15. AJ Super ToyLand

    Cant Log Into My Channel!!

    Hi guys, Im not sure what happened but just 30 minutes ago, I could log into my channel. However now when I sign into youtube, I do not see my channel or anyway to get into the dashboard or anything! Its like its gone! But when I search it, it can see it. Please help. How do I get back into my...
  16. KantoGaming

    Making money off your content ?

    Honestly I've heard about people making money off their videos but I never understood how or how it actually works. I've heard about running ads on your videos, monetizing your videos, and maybe even joining a partnership like Freedom. (But I haven't heard anything good about freedom) I want...
  17. Its Ryan


    Hey guys!!! I have been gaming on youtube for about 2 months and I have really been enjoying it!!! But I have always wanted to do more. I was deciding on whether or not I should make a new youtube channel with things that I have always wanted to do. But here is the problem. If you look at my...
  18. CyberunHD

    Review my channel:) new art work..

    Hi Guys, Ive been improving a few things on my channel like banner art work and other things, so if you could take a minute to check it out and offer your feedback (good or bad) it would be much appreciated:) Thanks for viewing.. CyberunHD...
  19. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I make funny moments videos and my recent video was really really bad. I would like to know what I can fix and learn from. Should I fix my audio? my editing? Idk let me know And also how can I get the word out about my videos? Its hard now these days. Link-
  20. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I am sort of a new youtuber and I would like to know how I can use reddit to my advantage on promoting my videos. Reddit looks so confusing and it makes no sense to me. If you can tell me how I can share my stuff and how I can grow my channel from reddit that would be great. THANKS!!!
  21. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have always wanted to know this. I know that twitter is a very important for promoting your youtube channel, but I don't know how to use it properly. Can any one please tell me how I can use twitter to my advantage? THANKS!!!!
  22. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I feel like I should change my youtube profile pic. Idk it just doesn't look right. What do you guys think. Should I change it or not. If I change it what should my profile pic be?? Any suggestions will help!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
  23. Its Ryan


    Hey guys recently I have been stuck in the same place. No subscribers no views. And I would just like to know how I can get out of such a frustrating point. I know everyone has to go through this, but how do you get out of it. Do you have to promote your channel? Do you have to fix your...
  24. TheSGGamingChannel

    10 Subs!

    I am pretty excited about this; my channel is growing slowly, but I'm trying as hard as I can to make friends in the community and get people to enjoy my content. As soon as I start my film series later on this year, I really hope that subscriber count goes up a bit. Thanks for the support!
  25. TheSGGamingChannel

    Overall Channel Critique?

    Hello guys and gals, I've been on this website for about a month and a little longer now and on YouTube for more than 3 years (but this is my new channel). I wanted to start fresh with new branding an a whole new look. I want you guys to take just a quick look at my thumbnails, channel banner...
  26. Its Ryan


    There are these people on youtube that always say that they subbed and that I should sub back when the only thing they did was spam my videos!! Its so annoying. What they don't understand is that no one likes them and that they are never going to get famous like that. smh smh.
  27. Its Ryan


    Hey guys do you guys have any good tips to grow my channel. It seems that I am not growing too much and its kinda discouraging. I am doing a good job of staying away from those really scummy tactics, but it seems like i am not moving at all. Any help?? THANKS
  28. Zenova

    Gaming CS:GO Collab?

    Hey I'm Zenova, Hope you are having a good day! I am here to ask if someone wants to make a CSGO Collab with me,I like to make "Montage type things" you can see them on my channel! If you want to Collab we will add each other on skype and we can talk, and we will exchange CS:GO highlight...
  29. Koa

    I need an advice...

    alright well i started my youtube channel about 3 weeks ago. i was learning how to edit and the process of making a video fun to watch was a way of me escaping reality and for only a couple of videos the feed back i received was amazing . But a lot of things have gone wrong this past week so i...
  30. A

    I need criticism please!

    How are my logo and channel art? Just want to see what people think. I made it with Gimp 2.0.