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  1. Antimonous

    Looking for some feedback on my channel!

    Greetings everybody! I have a channel called Antimonous and it's all about science, education, and technology. I upload two videos every week (Saturday and Sunday because I don't have time on the weekdays) and am looking for some feedback on my channel, and how I could improve. Here are a few...
  2. East To West Vlogs

    Please Review My Channel So Far!

    Hey guys! So I started a channel before called 'East to West Vlogs' (hence why my name is that). However, I've taken a commitment to my new motivational channel called "AnassTheMotivator". My main goal is to upload one video, every day for the entire year. Unfortunately, my videos haven't...
  3. Jack Atherton

    I need a good Gaming YouTube Name

    Most played game on my channel will be call of duty MWR and live streams. Please leave a comment on any good names you think of that I could possibly use. Thanks.
  4. Md.Mijanur Rahman

    I am New Youtuber How Can I grow my channel any suggestion ?

    Any Help From Expert Youtuber. My channel is related to Download pdfs and Movie
  5. Your Buddy Gas

    Can you guys recommend me some good facebook groups?

    I decided to grow my channel, by promoting it on facebook. I'm already in a group where there are some people who do sub for sub and I already have the feeling that I don't like it. I've sent some invites to other groups and they still have to accept me. I just want groups that are only...
  6. Gamie

    Hey guys what do you think about assassin's creed origins??

    tell me your thoughts on assassin's creed origins
  7. Gamie

    What is the most important thing for you in youtube?

    Tell me what you love the most in youtube.
  8. KantoGaming

    Tacky thumbnails

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my channel and tell me if my new thumbnail style looks tacky. I have some white borders around the test and bright colors. Idk why but I get a tacky feel for them. If you look at some of my previous thumbnails they are very clean...
  9. DictionaryWrites

    How have you decided to customize your channel?

    What's your icon and banner like? Have you had them for a long time, or do you change them regularly? Did you make or edit them yourself, or did you commission them or the like? How important do you think they really are? Have you set up a trailer? Did you make a new, specific video for it or...
  10. HearingMind

    Can someone review my channel SEO please?

    Well i'm doing my music mix channel a year ago and honestly i didn't get much subscribers. maybe 3-5 all this time (106 botted subs lul). i was wondering how bad is my SEO? thanks buddies
  11. KantoGaming

    New Channel design!

    Hey! I just recently changed my channel design. I know all my thumbnails don't fit the best with my theme right now, but for new videos I am going to be putting more orange and blue in the thumbnails. What do you think? Does it look good? Do you guys keep a certain color theme on your channel?
  12. Jacquesvh

    I Need Your Feedback

    Hey guys and girls, so I've committed to making Youtube videos for 365 videos. I'm on episode 85 at the moment. I need your help to provide me with some raw feedback. I come from a business background, started my first company at 12 and scaled from there into different industries and markets...
  13. Red rose

    Listen Up!!

    As of right now I have 2 subscribers and 20 views. I need to to fix this.
  14. QuestinBooty

    Which content would you want to see?

    Hello guys! I have been trying to make up my mind about starting a YouTube channel once again and I just don't know... I have started a channel and uploaded some videos almost exactly one year ago. I've stopped because of some personal issues. Now I've got the time to do it again and would...
  15. lifefixx

    Which Target Market Should I Aim at?

    Hi. Thanks for reading and answering in advance. I have a question. I started a youtube channel in which I create and post videos about improving your life, self help etc. However, I try to add a fair amount of comedy along with it. So along side posting new videos often on my channel, I am...
  16. CrystalD

    I Got to 100 Subscribers AHHHHH!!!

    I've been freaking out about this since I saw it, which was like half an hour ago! I finally got to 100 subscribers!! After almost 2 years of posting I got 100 subscribers!! I'm so happy, such a major milestone! I've learned so much from my YouTube journey so far, one of them being don't be...
  17. FuriousBabo

    Growing Strategies!

    What kind of strategies are you guys using to help you grow your channel? :)
  18. Daisyah

    Honest Constructive Criticism

    I started making YouTube videos a month ago. I just wanted to know what you guys liked about my channel/videos and what you feel like I can improve on. There are no wrong answers :) Thank you so much ! :biggrin:
  19. SmokeySpace

    Places To Promote Your Channel

    Just looking for places to promote my gaming channel, I've tried here, gamespot forums, google+, Reddit, just about anywhere and not too much as worked out that well. Any other suggestions or suggestions for the things I have done that maybe I have done wrong?
  20. Rolz

    50 SUB goal reached!

    Whatsup guys! Today I got a pleasant surprise when viewing my 'community' on YouTube :D I saw I reached my goal of 50 subscribers! Thanks for all those that have supported me! On to the next goal of 100 Subs! :help: Wishing everyone else the best of luck with their YouTube endeavours!
  21. J0eyy

    100 Views in 2 Weeks!

    So I started uploading videos 3 weeks ago but didn't really get into youtube into 2 weeks so I am on the right tracks!
  22. J0eyy

    Tips on getting views and subscribers?

    I am a new youtuber with only 14 subscribers as of now, and I was wondering (other than be consistent while uploading) Is there any ways that could help boost my channel? I have started recently to get more views (I actually doubled my sub count from yesterday alone) but they don't seem as high...
  23. Brandzor


    Hello there! I've recently started back up on YouTube after a long period away (mainly due to laziness in making videos), however I came to miss it. I've now returned and in fairness I have tried to upgrade my channel with new banners, logo, intro and everything else. HOWEVER, If someone or a...
  24. blackknight404

    Gaming I am Looking for a partner/Collaborator to start a youtube channel ! [PC]

    Hi, I am blackknight404, a gamer who wants to start a (Gaming) Youtube Channel, but I would like to do this with someone, a partner/Collaborator (call that however you like). I will go straight to the point, I am 15, I live in California and I want someone around my age, boy or girl, and that...
  25. C

    Gaming Looking for collab and also more channels to include in my mass Collab

    Looking for more channels to add to my mass collab on discord. Promoting eachothers channels and giving feedback + help with editing,thumbnails,tags,etc... also im looking to collab with anyone who playsa Paladins, Wow vanilla Kronos, Warface, Dirty Bomb. My discord is: CjGaMiNg21#6798 Check my...
  26. JeggiTV

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel?

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel? Or should I create 2 different channels for both kinds.
  27. Baylze

    Does DEDICATION Guarantee YouTube Success?

    Can you grow a successful channel purely by being determined, dedicated and hard working? No matter the rate of growth, however niche your audience is, etc. - Is consistency the key? Many would argue that other factors have a much bigger input on teh potential success of a YouTube channel. For...
  28. Dixon1380

    Copyrighted content on my channel

    I recently posted 5 videos this week and today I found out that two of them are copyrighted. What can I do to prevent myself from copyrights? My channel is all about reacting to videos I think are funny. I did not receive any strikes for this. It says that "If you agree with these conditions...
  29. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking for Youtube collaboration long-term partners!

    We are KOTCH (Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts) and we are 5 friends that work on this channel. Our content consist of funny moments, let's plays, vlogs, guides, horror games, gears of war, gmod, and plenty more! We have 155 subs if that matters, but your subscriber count does not matter to us...