What aspect needs improving the most?

  • Video Quality i.e editing, recording

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  • Video Content i.e what the video is about, is it entertaining?

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  • Channel Art

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  • Logo

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The Dovakhiin destroyer.
Hello there!

I've recently started back up on YouTube after a long period away (mainly due to laziness in making videos), however I came to miss it. I've now returned and in fairness I have tried to upgrade my channel with new banners, logo, intro and everything else.

HOWEVER, If someone or a few of you could just take a quick butchers (look) at my channel and give me some feedback either on the whole channel or specific sections like the thumbnails and what not, that would be great!

Also, I'm aware my editing is pretty poor so that's one weakness I know of.

PLEASE BE BRUTALLY HONEST. Don't beat around the bush, I'm a grown man so I should be able to take reasonable, constructive criticism and it would be easier to make the changes based on that feedback!

Thanks lads! :up2::D
Hi Brandzor, after taking a quick gander at your channel the first thing that struck me was how off your avatar looked when compared to the professional looking banner. They are a bit too contradicting of each other, not just in terms of color scheme but also the overall style. But to be honest, I think either of them could work if they had a complimentary banner/avatar to go along with them. Theming your avatar and banner is priority #1 since that's your face outward to the community. Judging by your content I would suggest you try to theme your banner to your avatar for a more laid back and comedic feeling.

As for your videos I can't really say much since you haven't uploaded all that many except the fact I really do enjoy your commentary. I think that's your greatest driving force. Maybe think of extending your videos a little bit over time to have some more meat on them, not too quickly though, it should come naturally. Personally, I think you should have waited with making a channel trailer until you had more variety in footage. I liked the opening to it however, that was pretty solid. But seeing the same three games cycled through the last half wasn't exactly exciting.

Overall, I think there's great potential in your channel and I honestly wouldn't mind watching more of your stuff, it was entertaining. Note the fact I said "entertaining", not "hilarious". There's a fine line between 'genuinely funny' and 'trying too hard' and thankfully, from the videos I've seen now, you seem to have a natural talent to not fall into the latter category.
^ As long as you don't let that comment go to your head.

I hope this was useful to you in some way and on a side-note; consider me subbed.

Only joking. I actually extremely appreciate the constructive feedback you've given to me! Considering you have spent your time to review a small channel like mine is amazing so thank you for that.

Yeah my avatar is just a mock one I created when I was bored awhile ago and It definitely needs changing. The banner is actually new so I've only just got that today hence the change in colour and what not, so I'm going to look into getting a new avatar real soon (thanks again).

I'm considering extending my videos but I just didn't want to drag on the videos and bore everyone but I'll try that In some longer Let's plays or something! With the intro, yet again you've explained it, I've got hardly any videos so in the future I'll make a new one :D.

Yeah I mean I've only got 20 subs so I'm not gonna inflate too much but I'm grateful! Thanks again for the sub, you're a top geezer! :up2: