channel review

  1. AntsDeKing

    A Channel Review... Oh lord do I need it lol

    Hey guys! First of all thank you for reading this post and yes I’d like a channel review on as much as you see and feel like saying! And my channel is pretty much focused around mobile games and I want to make the channel better for people to enjoy...
  2. Slentay

    Video Review For "Dreams In Video Games"

    I was wanting to get feedback on the script, pace, audio quality and if the video is entertaining or not. I really enjoy doing these types of videos so any feedback to make them better is appreciated! Dreams In Video Games
  3. GlobalDayz

    Requesting Channel Review

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone who could provide me w/a channel review. I was recently demonetized last month due to "reused content" following 3 yrs of being a creator & I'm currently attempting to modify my channel & my style to meet the latest guidelines while awaiting response following...
  4. DapperDanVlogs

    need a channel review please

    Hi everyone, I started this channel a little over a year ago. it is an entertainment channel that revolves around powersports and dirt bikes. I have uploaded at least one video a week for a year now sometimes more but iv'e committed to 1 a week. l'd like an overall channel review but there are a...
  5. Dawayne West

    What can I do better I was just wondering if anyone had the extra time if they could give me some input suggestions or maybe even some constructive criticism on how I can improve the quality of my channel I feel as though there needs to be more than just a...
  6. christielaw19

    Channel Review and tips

    Hi guys! I am a new youtuber and I'm still learning all of the ropes of youtube! I was wondering if anyone has time if they wouldn't mind checking out my channel and giving me some tips on how I can approve! I'm still working on a better profile banner, so any ideas or tips on that would be...
  7. WarriorDan

    Requesting a channel review

    I've been producing videos on my channel for several years now, however over the past year or so, I've noticed that my growth has effectively stagnated, with just enough new subscribers to offset the auto-removed dead subs that YouTube yanks from my channel every now and then. I've really...
  8. Sammie

    I need help-channel feedback

    I currently make skits and it would mean a lot of y’all could check out my channel and review it as a whole.
  9. E

    Channel is almost a year old, I have less than 100 total views, Please read if you have the time :)

    Let me preface this post by saying that I do no commentary walkthroughs. If that's not your thing, that's cool. Because I've been a part of YTtalk for quite some time, but never made an account till now, I know there's some prejudice for the type of content I bring, so for brevity's sake, I...
  10. Alexis Claudio Music

    Hi everyone!! I would love to have my channel reviewed

    Hi everyone! I've been doing YouTube for about 7 months now and I have been able to get 156 subs. I don't think that's very good so I would like my channel to be reviewed. I want to Improve my content and get better at this. All constructive criticism Is accepted!! Thank you YTTalk!
  11. Chicken Tendies

    More channel feedback

    So for the most part I got a new logo and channel banner and my skills at making thumbnails is slowly increasing and I feel I have reached a new peek of my channel and I wanted a nice honest look/Review of the channel to see if I need to improve it more
  12. RetroCrunch

    Main Channel Page Review request

    My channel is a Nostalgia channel where i do weekly retro news and talk about nostalgia topics I enjoy each week. Ive made some changes to my main channel page recently and looking for some input on a few things: Does my channel clarify my mission? Ie. do you know what my channel is a about...
  13. BrettTaylorYT

    Vlog Horror Channel. Right mix? [Channel Review]

    hello there! I started my channel as a photography/vlog channel, but that soon morphed into a “horror” type of channel along with vlogs. I’m super interested in if my thumbnails are working. I put a lot of effort into them but I’m not sure if they’re doing the jobs. Also how’s my Usage of...
  14. Chicken Tendies

    Channel Review

    A while ago I had my Channel reviewed and I had some really helpful feedback. Since then I like to think I have changed up my editing style and have some more funnier edits. The areas of feedback I feel I really need is Content, Thumbnails, and Channel design. I have thinking about renaming my...
  15. N

    Channel Feedback

    Hey guys I just want to know your opinion on my channel and what I need to do to improve the channel here’s the link to the channel. YouTube Channel: Just in case the other link doesn’t work so I just put it in
  16. unevenflaps

    What's good or bad about my channel?

    Hello everyone just looking for some insight into how i can improve my YouTube channel, upload schedule and thumbnails could be better so not so much about that but more the content, production quality, did it keep your attention? Is the content succeeding in making you laugh? Cheers to anyone...
  17. Antimonous

    Looking for some feedback on my channel!

    Greetings everybody! I have a channel called Antimonous and it's all about science, education, and technology. I upload two videos every week (Saturday and Sunday because I don't have time on the weekdays) and am looking for some feedback on my channel, and how I could improve. Here are a few...
  18. Dutchie Abroad

    A 100 subs! Now what?

    Hello everyone~ So, as some of you might know, my channel hit a 100 subs about a week ago. Sadly, for some reason, both my amount of new subs and my amount of views have decline considerably after that. Now, I don't know if it is due to the time of year (everyone is pretty busy with school...
  19. PandaCobain

    Channel Review: Banner & Thumbnails

    Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this. I run a mostly gaming channel and plan to throw in some vlogs in the near future in their own playlists as a few friends have requested it and I had been debating doing it anyways. At the moment I'm most concerned about my banner...
  20. spektronomy

    Now, an honest request here

    Hello everone, So as I've written somewhere else on a forum, I've come back after roughly 1,5 year of "hiatus" and started recording stuff again, and I'd love some of you who would be willing(gaming content can get bothersome at some point ik) and tell me what they think about the way I do...
  21. HearingMind

    What else do i need to do to get people's attention?

    Hey what's up youtubers. I've been trying to improve my channel SEO this last 2 months. I've been trying tags and new titles for my videos, also changed the thumbnails style. but the truth is that my channel isn't getting any attention,. to make things worse now even the reddit that gave me more...
  22. Omeo

    Feedback, please!

    Hey, everyone! I'm glad there's a section like this. I would love some feedback on my channel. The link below doesn't work - I've tried several times to get help for this, to no avail - but the name of the channel is Serious Issues. In addition to any feedback on my thumbnails, titles, etc...
  23. Kaytonix

    Wanting honest opinions on my channel!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kaytonix! I'm currently creating pokemon and sims 4 content! My channel just shy of being a month old! I would really love some honest feed back on my videos! Is the content entertaining? Are the thumbnails attention grabing? Anything I need to improve on? Thank you so...
  24. Column 1

    Channel Review?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask a couple questions on what you guys genuinely think about my channel, be brutally honest if necessary. Some things I would like to know about my channel are: 1. What do you think about my channel art? 2. What do you think about my content? 3. What do you think...
  25. Julia and Claire

    How to Grow Our Channel?

    We've had a channel since September 2016. We've been having a lot of fun making videos! But, most of our subscribers are our friends and family. I guess we've been on Youtube for a while, and we were wondering what we should work on, and how to get our channel discovered. We already have all the...
  26. J-Hill

    Please fully review my channel!

    Hey guys, I kinda wanna get my channel going in the right direction. I kinda just wanna hear everyones opinions of my channel what you like what you dont like. Be as brutal as you like I just always wanna get better!
  27. ZavNation

    Hey there! (Gaming channel 10/10)

    Hey there! ------- Channel Review: I recently started my channel back up with a bit of new features if that sounds about right. I changed my Avatar logo, banner and have done a bit more research on creating thumbnails and editing. Personally, I felt like my older videos were lacking in the...
  28. Naybor

    Wanting honest opinions on my channel!

    Hey guys, Naybor here! I've been doing Youtube for about a month now and loving every minute of it! I was wondering if I could get a review on the over all feel of the channel? Do the thumbnails catch your interest? Is the content entertaining? Is uploading twice a week effective (with the...
  29. KingFishOcean

    Expert Channel Review Please?

    Hello. My name is Ocean. My channel is KingFishOcean. I have been making videos on the channel for years now, and I have hit a dead end for seven billionth time. I have been studying SEO a lot lately and trying to figure out where I may be going wrong with my channel. I have about 1.2k subs but...
  30. FlipFlops

    I Really Need Advice From You.. (5 Months in Youtube, 60 Videos)

    Hello broh... I really need a lot of advice from you... I joined youtube 5 Months ago and uploading my videos... but i don't think it went well... i only hit 56 subs, and look like it stuck... please don't consider me as complaining.. because actualy deep down in my heart i feel really glad for...