Hey there! (Gaming channel 10/10)


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Hey there!

Channel Review:

I recently started my channel back up with a bit of new features if that sounds about right.
I changed my Avatar logo, banner and have done a bit more research on creating thumbnails and editing.
Personally, I felt like my older videos were lacking in the editing department and of course when you first start off, you'll be a bit monotone but I think that has changed with my newer videos.

I'm back at it with the uploads and will be consistent now with the uploads since I have started to take it more seriously than before.

This thread welcomes all and every kind of feedback and criticism, I want to improve even further and take it to the next step.

Uploading schedule: Monday-Friday
Thank you for the criticism :D!
I was planning on changing my profile avatar down the road, but I might keep it a bit longer and focus a bit more on the content. Also I just made a channel trailer yesterday haha
Hi! I checked out your channel and watched your Go Kart Funny Moments video. I think I would like it better if you cut less out, or even nothing out. That way it would tell a story more.