honest opinion

  1. GlobalDayz

    Honest Opinion of my New Channel Logo

    I'm seeking honest opinions on a new logo design that I came up with for a new documentary channel I'm working on. Any feedback appreciated.
  2. T

    Channel with 1460 sub only getting a dozen views or so a video, can't figure what is wrong...please give me your honest feedback

    Hello Me and my youtube partner have been trying to upload more frequently, tag accordingly etc however something is wrong, we are almost getting no views ...whats worse is we cannot figure out why so we need someone else to critique us honestly. Thanks here our channel...
  3. ZavNation

    Hey there! (Gaming channel 10/10)

    Hey there! ------- Channel Review: I recently started my channel back up with a bit of new features if that sounds about right. I changed my Avatar logo, banner and have done a bit more research on creating thumbnails and editing. Personally, I felt like my older videos were lacking in the...
  4. ClimaxGaming

    Honest Opinion?

    Hey, i wanted to know what people think about my videos non of them comment or even watch my videos anymore for some reason i've gotten alot of inactive subs (CRINGE)
  5. JoelTavares

    Visuals/Sound Self Assessment

    I want to find out what people think of the current video I uploaded on youtube. If anyone has camera tips, in terms of lighting, or angles etc, or any tips to make the sound better, please let me know :) I want to know if the stuff Im putting out is bad, average, or getting there. So please...
  6. Jonatan Moser

    Seeking rock hard critique of my newest cover song

    So, since I started uploading (relatively) regularly a few months back, my sub count has grown to 323. I would like it to grow higher and faster (obviously), so I would really appreciate some boldly honest opinions on my work to improve my quality in future videos. Since I am only allowed to...