channel feedback

  1. Elderberry

    Video review

    Hello, I am trying to optimize my sky so that I can attract a bigger audience. Any feedback on this video would be awesome! I really want to get better and what I do.
  2. Abdullahx9000

    Anything I can improve on my Channel?

    Hey there I am Abdullahx9000, and I would LOVE some feedback on my Channel. What am I doing wrong and what can be done better? Answers will be REALLY Appreciated! Channel Name: Abdullahx9000 Thanks! - Abdullahx9000
  3. unevenflaps

    Channel critique

    Hey there guys, I currently have a gaming YouTube channel where i upload funny moments videos. I appreciate that my channel isn't exactly a rare channel type but any critique is appreciated although i'll likely change the banner so not so much on that. Thank you all for reading this and feel...
  4. Justine

    Looking for Channel Feedback!

    So I've been kinda sticking to the same stuff for awhile now (commentary videos, straight up gameplay, parody asmr videos) for awhile now and I was wondering about how it's all looking so far; like the thumbnail, the length of the video, and wether or not you actually find my videos entertaining...
  5. KantoGaming

    What Am I Doing Wrong?!

    I would love some honest feedback on my overall channel. Such things as : -Channel Art -Video Content -Channel Trailer review? -Overall audio / video quality I just moved my mic around today for the livestream I did. I found positioning your mic higher makes the sound quality better. So my...
  6. Stan Tse

    4 Subs... Am I posting way too random stuff?

    I used to do gaming videos, but I figured that uploading 2 times a week won't cut it, so I sorta shifted towards other random content related to video games. And I think it might be like a bit too random, but does anyone have any experience on this matter?
  7. Jacquesvh

    I Need Your Feedback

    Hey guys and girls, so I've committed to making Youtube videos for 365 videos. I'm on episode 85 at the moment. I need your help to provide me with some raw feedback. I come from a business background, started my first company at 12 and scaled from there into different industries and markets...
  8. ZavNation

    Hey there! (Gaming channel 10/10)

    Hey there! ------- Channel Review: I recently started my channel back up with a bit of new features if that sounds about right. I changed my Avatar logo, banner and have done a bit more research on creating thumbnails and editing. Personally, I felt like my older videos were lacking in the...
  9. Juliana Sabo

    New Filming Location + Possible new channel series???

    Hello! I've made a couple more changes to my channel, and would really appreciate some feedback. First of all, I've started filming on my bed. I think the background is better? But I would love to hear from you guys. Additionally, my two latest videos are "Drunk Teaching" and "Drunk Review"...
  10. Juliana Sabo

    Feedback on latest video please! (made some technical changes)

    So I've been trying to improve the quality of my videos, so there's a few changes I've made to my latest video that I'd like some feedback on: I added a clip before my intro. I would love to hear how you guys think it affects the overall flow of the video. The audio. My audio used to be really...
  11. Juliana Sabo

    Video Intro????

    Hi everyone, So as part of my "branding" on my channel, I have at the beginning of all my videos an intro (I guess sort of like a title screen?). I added because I noticed some big YouTubers have those sort of title screen intros before their videos (Grace Helbig, Lilly Singh, Smosh, etc) but...
  12. Vivian King

    Channel Feedback

    Hey guys, I would love to get some honest feedback for my channel. How can I improve? Am I missing something in my content that could be made better? I would love to know your opinion!:)
  13. Juliana Sabo

    Made some changes, feedback appreciated!

    Hello all! I've recently made some changes to my channel, such as adding music under my videos and even filming in a new location. I would really appreciate it if you guys would check out my latest video and let me know if you think the new setup is working, of if you have any suggestions to...
  14. Tac0cann0n

    Looking for feedback on my Channel / Content that I produce!

    Hey Everyone! I was looking for feedback on my videos, since I've just started back up in producing content, and was looking to see how people are receiving it. I mostly making gameplay content, but I usually put a lot of time together editing my content, so it's not just straight gameplay. I'd...
  15. FlipFlops

    I Really Need Advice From You.. (5 Months in Youtube, 60 Videos)

    Hello broh... I really need a lot of advice from you... I joined youtube 5 Months ago and uploading my videos... but i don't think it went well... i only hit 56 subs, and look like it stuck... please don't consider me as complaining.. because actualy deep down in my heart i feel really glad for...
  16. jd_techsetupgear

    Am I Worthy??

    Any channel feedback would be much appreciated. Let me know what you guys think! Also based on what you see, where do you see my channel going in the future? Just curious to know, if you honestly think it's not going anywhere don't be afraid to say so :) Also what kind of videos/topics would...
  17. Brandzor


    Hello there! I've recently started back up on YouTube after a long period away (mainly due to laziness in making videos), however I came to miss it. I've now returned and in fairness I have tried to upgrade my channel with new banners, logo, intro and everything else. HOWEVER, If someone or a...
  18. Dadrules

    Channel banner feedback

    Hi guys Ok i am a new you tuber, i started around Christmas time and there's many things i need to upgrade change and so forth but for me it is my banner that's seems to be in my thoughts a lot. Ok i reckon my topic is a niche so its going to take time to build and i'm looking for certain...
  19. Manarkey

    Manarkey - Gaming Channel Feedback!

    Hello there everybody! Some of you may have seen my Introduction thread, but on this thread, I'm asking solely for some feedback on my channel. It can be on my graphics or on the content. If you can view my channel and tell me what you think or give me some advice on how to get to 100...
  20. UndergroundSeries

    Need Feedback (Created my First Intro)

    So I have a dutch gaming channel and I created this intro. It look cool for me but I am not sure about others. So what do you all think
  21. Christina Lado

    New Youtuber: Channel Feedback/Advice/Criticism

    Hey guys! I have been on YouTube for a little over 2 months now and have 555 subscribers. I would love it if anyone would be kind enough to check out my channel and give me some pointers. I had no clue what I was doing starting this and have been learning as I go. I am not sensitive so let me...
  22. DuncanT

    REVIEW: Channel feedback!

    Hey guys, So I've been away for a couple of weeks dealing with personal things because it eventually became too hard to juggle YouTube and a fulltime internship. That's why I'm going to start creating again in 2017. That's also why I thought it might be a good reason to ask for feedback from...
  23. MasterEth

    Feedback about my channel please?

    I specifically would appreciate feedback regarding my channel art and some of my most recent videos. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as well!!! :D
  24. KantoGaming

    Channel Art Feedback

    Hello! I'm just looking for some honest opinions on my YouTube banner and my thumbnails. I've been trying to make my channel brighter and more colorful. I like my banner because it's my own art, but idk if other people like it. I appreciate your honest opinions (:
  25. Blunt Brittany

    Video/channel feedback

    Hey guys, so I was wondering if anyone can give be some constructive criticism and feedback on my channel and videos. It seems like every video I post receives less views than the one before it. Just curious what you guys think I can improve on. Thank you!
  26. Jonatan Moser

    Seeking rock hard critique of my newest cover song

    So, since I started uploading (relatively) regularly a few months back, my sub count has grown to 323. I would like it to grow higher and faster (obviously), so I would really appreciate some boldly honest opinions on my work to improve my quality in future videos. Since I am only allowed to...
  27. DuncanT

    Big YouTuber inspiration

    Hey guys! My name is Duncan and you might've seen me around here! You might've also seen my latest thread where I told you about some demotivating things I'm having now. Nonetheless I still really want to get some feedback on my channel as a whole. My videos, my upload schedule (which is once...
  28. Sin B

    Some feedback on my latest vid

    Hey guys! So even though I've only been making vids for a short time I do have a lot of watching experience, a lot of which I didn't even use when I first started off (I know I know, horrible) With every video I've been pushing myself to get better and better which I think it really shows...

    Channel Feedback

    Could I have some feedback on how to improve my channel
  30. Active Rooster

    Would love some constructive criticism on my channel!

    Hello there! I'm Active Rooster and I'd like some criticism on my channel. I upload comedy gaming videos. I would like to know what others think of my channel and what I can do to improve. I'll link my channel and some of my videos, but if you can, please watch some of my more recent videos and...