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Hi guys

Ok i am a new you tuber, i started around Christmas time and there's many things i need to upgrade change and so forth but for me it is my banner that's seems to be in my thoughts a lot. Ok i reckon my topic is a niche so its going to take time to build and i'm looking for certain people as subscribers so when i made the banner i tried to keep this in mind and try and go for a attractive fun design, maybe adding an older style you tube channel banner to it. I'm not sure if this was the right choice now. So i would really appreciate some honest feedback on my banner.

A few things i would like to know is

Does it suggest what my channel is all about ?
Does it make want to subscribe , or at least would it if this was your bag ?
Is it too busy ?
Should i go for a more up to date design with more of a business or clean sheen look ?
Is it friendly ?
Is it personnel enough? because of the nature of my channel ?
Does the banner identify with a much younger audience then my audience range ?

I guess these are only few of many which could help but these are an idea if your unsure. I would really appreciate some advice here guys. I'm in 2 minds about my choice at the moment so this would help load.

You can find my channel via the video or the link provided at the bottom , thank you in advance

Kind regards