channel feedback

  1. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Me Trying To Grow!!

    Hello best friends, How was it going.My name is Rohan & I am a small YouTuber.I have a YouTube channel where I post tutorials,tips & tricks,techs video.I always try to upload some quality content on my channel but as a new small YouTuber I need your advice to grow on YouTube.So if you have some...
  2. ItzRicoSuave


    i made a rant video on why prank channels are cancer and it barely cracked 50 views. I feel like there's something I'm doing wrong, but i can't find it. Would you guys mind pointing me in the right direction
  3. PsySpy Gaming

    Channel Feedback?

    I really haven't done this here for a while so I thought that I would at least attempt to do so. I've been having trouble both in the field of 'getting views' as well as 'keeping people' for more than a minute in my videos, and some of my videos are relatively short. I just recently...
  4. KantoGaming

    Top 5 Ghost Pokemon!

    Hey Pokemon Trainers! I just posted a new Top 5 video about Ghost Pokemon to get in the spirit of Halloween! I have only done one other Top 5 video, and I think I did a lot better on this one! I would appreciate some feedback on the video, good and bad! Thanks so much!:)
  5. WeirdWolf

    Would love a channel review!

    Since i just joined YTtalk, i thought it would be a good idea to ask for some feedback on my Let's Play channel, just to see how i am currently doing in the YouTube game! I record me playing story based games for the most part, sometimes a collab or some Comments Reading. For example, here is...
  6. The Black Mastadonte

    Why is my channel not growing?

    Hey guys. So I noticed that my channel growth is abysmal at best. I maybe get 1 subscriber a week and this is from me posting one or two videos a week. I wanted to know if I could get a quick channel review to see why my channel growth is so terrible. What am I doing? What am I not doing? If you...
  7. JPlootz

    I Would Love Overall Channel Feedback

    Hey guys/gals if you have the time could you give me some overall channel feedback telling me what you think? ANY FEEDBACK WOULD BE APPRECIATED! be warned that most of my content is me doing stupid things IRL and online. I've been at this for a couple months now and I really wanna hit 100...
  8. HyDraid

    Are my Thumbnails attractive?

    Hey, I have my channel for 3 weeks right now :) I have 5 video's on my channel and that gave me 213 subscribers already. I would like some feedback on my channel layout / Thumbnails and maybe my editing ^^

    In need of honest review!

    Hey! I would love it if someone could check out my channel and give me some honest, constructive criticism on my videos and channel in general. I like to try to improve as much as I can and this seems like a good opportunity to do so. PLEASE no empty comments! If you have nothing constructive...
  10. Hyper Gaming

    Need some feedback on how to improve my channel

    Hello, I run a gaming channel which produces gaming related content on a weekly basis called Hyper Gaming. I was wondering if someone can go on my channel and take a look on how I can improve the channel to make it better looking and increase the chance of people coming on my channel to watch my...
  11. NeroXvyb

    Looking for either good or bad

    Ive been doing this for years and have only managed to maintain about 150 subs and I just want some feedback on what I can do to make it better.
  12. HyDraid

    Do you have tips for me?

    I just started my channel 1 week ago, at the moment I have 151 subscribers and 2 video's :) It would be great to get some feedback on the following: 1. Channel layout 2. Thumbnails 3. Editing, is it good, to much ? 4. Quality Thanks ^^
  13. BinateGaming

    Feedback for our new gaming channel 'BinateGaming'

    Hey-yo peeps thanks for taking your time to read my post. BinateGaming is a two man collab channel and we create gameplays for Minecraft and GTA V. So far two videos are uploaded to this new channel and I would like feedback from it. channel...
  14. Eyezak

    How Can I Improve My Content? / Channel Feedback

    Hello! I've been wanting some people to review and give feedback on my channel. I generally upload gaming, mainly a game called Overwatch as that's what I want my primary focus to be. What do I want reviewed? 1. Video Quality (Editing, Audio, Overall Quality) 2. Branding (Banner, Thumbnails...
  15. Gluie


    Hello everyone I hope your all having a great day! I would love some feedback on my channel :) thank you
  16. magnamious

    Is my channel bad?

    Hey guys! Just like everyone else here, I'm looking for some feedback! I know my thumbnails suck, I can't find a good program so if you have any advice in that area, let me know! Other than that though, let me know anything you dislike about my channel! I would love your help! Thanks so much for...
  17. The Black Mastadonte

    Channel Feedback

    Hey guys! I'm the Black Mastadonte and I've had my channel for about 9 months now. I'm kinda chilling at 131 subs and I'm hungry for more. I'm looking for a quick review of my channel and any tips that you guys can offer me to grow my channel. Feel free to critique and be as brutal as possible. =).
  18. Aspo

    Please Post Your Tips and Feedback!

    Hey lads. Just wanted some feedback on my channel overall :) Here's a link to my moist recent video - :)
  19. Shen Demoni

    (Channel Feedback)What am I doing wrong and how can I Improve?

    I've been at it for a year, 100 videos and going, 44 subs and it feels like I've grown very slowly. Someof the viewerbase I gained was through my normal video format which is usually long for RPG's and short for other games, most of them through gateway videos such as my ROM Corruptions. I've...
  20. BeautyByCat

    In need of honest feedback

    Hello all, so like the title states I need honest feedback about my channel, videos, thumbnails, all of it. A little while ago I wanted feedback about my channel banner & Thumnbails and I have since then changed them up. So any feedback is helpful :) Thank you :)
  21. Morpheus0316

    Channel Feedback

    Hey guys been doing youtube for a couple months and was wondering if you can give some feedback on how I am doing. I want the good the bad and the ugly. I know looking at my first video and looking at my latest content it's gotten better. Here's the latest BioShock infinite video The next video...
  22. C

    Need Some Tips On My Channel and Video Click To See

    My Channel itself stop growing and i have been stuck at 109 subscribers so give me feedback on my channel and the video itself thx reply plz.
  23. Winger94

    Let me be a target of your opinions!

    Hi guys how are you today? I don't ask often for feedback because I always try to improve something regarding my channel. I'm running my channel by almost 3 months and I am really proud of it. Recently I grew quite a bit and I know that many other people are growing at a really faster pace than...
  24. SlayerXtR

    New Kind of Channel.. Reviewing other YouTubers and their Channels. Need Feedback!

    Hey guys, I need some feedback on my new channel. This channel is dedicated to doing funny reviews of other YouTubers and their channels, but also giving them feedback on their channel that could help them in the long run as well. I need the feedback to make this one of the coolest and most...
  25. Kieran TV

    Let's Give Each Other Feedback And a Review! - Kieran TV

    Hi guys, my name is Kieran TV. I am a 13 year old YouTuber, Gamer and Year 8 Student. Today I suggest we should help each other grow our channels, help each other improve to become better YouTubers. So if you reply to this, we can give each other a channel review or feedback on each other's...
  26. VoidTranceYT

    Help me to help you..or soemthing like that XD

    Okay so i can help you guys review your channels be sure to leave it in this thread! If you guys can provide any feedback for my channel as well that would be awesome and i appreciate any one of you that can help me out! Thank YTTalk Forums
  27. Grizzly Guernsey Gamer

    If you want your channel critiqued, let me know.

    Hey guys! I've done a lot of YouTube critique over the last couple years and usually people are happy with my advice on their channels. I tend to not only look at the videos in question but also channel layout, thumbnails and editing in order to push people in the right direction. So if you...
  28. CoochieCoo

    My New Channel Layout

    Hello everyone, i have had a channel now for a while (about 7 months), my main focus was just getting use to speaking out load to my self as i have found that difficult, but now that feel i'm in a place where i am comfortable talking i am wanting to take my content more seriously. i was...
  29. HeadbanginZombie

    Channel Feedback Improve And Build The Future of My Channel!!

    Hey guys! Im jack, aka-HeadbanginZombie, I'm a gaming Youtuber, i've been on YouTube for just over a year, and in the last 6 Months, have realized that this is really what i want to do, it's grown into a huge passion for me and my dream is to become a Professional YouTuber! However, i need...
  30. Omnicide

    Can someone review my channel?

    Hey guys, my channel recently hit 800 subs, so I thought its time to get some feedback from others, can you please give me an extensive review and feel free to be as harsh as possible. My channel basically includes top tips/how to's for gaming. Thanks!