channel feedback

  1. darkstarmedia

    Hello! I'll Review Your Channel!

    A lot of people have been kind enough to review my channel recently and I'd really like to give back to the community and return the favour. So, I'm happy to do some reviews! I'll more than happily check out your channel, give you my honest first impressions and say what I like and what can be...
  2. EvoShieldGaming

    Am I On The Right Track For A Great Channel?

    Hey Guys/Girls! So I need some feedback on my YouTube channel because I think I'm not doing a good job on my channel lately and I want to know what I can do better. This includes channel art, channel profile picture, video thumbnails, video quality (That includes audio and video), video...
  3. DeadMerchant

    Hi, I would like to improve my channel.

    I have had my channel for awhile now I started with let's plays but those weren't for me. I now do gaming videos still but usually heavily edited ones with lots of graphics. I know I am probably doing a lot of things wrong but its hard to figure out what by myself. I think my branding is okay I...
  4. Teamtoonefitness

    1000 views & 125 Subs in 2 weeks

    We are so happy with the progress of the channel, we have worked hard to get to where we are as quick as we have utilising our social media following (around 11k on insta and twitter) but now its for the hard part, getting seen in the big world of YT.... We really want to improve the channel in...
  5. Craven

    Channel Feedback to Help Grow a Quality Audience

    So i've been on Youtube for not a long time, but long enough. I upload let's play videos and i try to be funny and original. I know Youtube it's is hard to get noticed on, but i feel that it's not impossible. I want to be able to make my channel stand out more then any other Youtube Channel and...
  6. Pierre Maynard

    The Seekers Season 1 Episode 5 "Get A Job"

    The seekers is back episode 5 Get a Job! In this episode: Peter has nightmares about getting a job, due to the amount of hard work that has to be put in. He wakes up to find out his nightmare becomes reality. Let me know what needs improving, and what went well in this video. Please also...
  7. Terminator BDs

    I need Help with my channel

    Hello My name is Ahmed AKA Terminator I just wanted someone to checkout my channel and tell me what should I do to get more views and subs and tell me the best successful tips to help me grow My channel name:TerminatorBDs Channel
  8. iVariety

    I Really Need Some Channel Feedback!

    Hey guys, I would really love some feedback on my channel and videos. I am a COD commentator at the moment, but do plan on moving to new games as well, although my commentaries most of the time have nothing to do with the gameplay. I am growing, but super slow, around 1-2 subscribers a day and...
  9. Y

    Need channel feedback/grow audience

    If you guys don't mind could you go check out my channel? We are four different guys all uploading our own series. Any feedback is welcomed!