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Hey Guys/Girls!

So I need some feedback on my YouTube channel because I think I'm not doing a good job on my channel lately and I want to know what I can do better. This includes channel art, channel profile picture, video thumbnails, video quality (That includes audio and video), video commentary, or video gameplay. These are what I want to know how I can get better at. Don't be afraid to leave some harsh feedback because I will always try to make it more improved (I will also never take offence in feedback unless its an offensive comment to me and not YouTube)

Thanks for the help! Let me know if you need it as well because I will help you out as well!
The graphics/audio/video all look great. tbh kinda im jealous of your skills lol. I think if you just keep making content your channel will blow up in no time. This only thing I would recommend if you are really trying to grow your channel is playing all the new "flavor of the month" games. Hope this helps :)
Ok mate! I will do that, but maybe later today, because i am out with my family and not behind the PC screen so i will do it today. I promise! Happy New Year!
Watched your newest ep, a few tips. Your microphone is pretty good, and your voice is clear, which is good. The FPS of the video is a problem though, as it is very laggy. I'd suggest recording in a lower resolution or switching to Shadowplay if you are going to play more CoD, as that isn't really watchable imo.

I might also cut down the length of your intro, or just remove it entirely. Having an intro on every video is pretty pointless, and a lot of people will just not bother to watch the video with a long intro. Most big youtubers don't actually use intros. It doesn't add anything of value to the video, all it does is increase render time and make your video longer than it has to be. You have a channel intro, don't need your name plastered on every video. Use annotations or cards to tell people to sub.
Hey! Thanks for the feedback on my channel. I appreciate when other people want to help me out. I wanted to point some wtuff out that I already knew and some stuff that was interesting to me. First, I did know that my FPS on my COD video was pretty laggy, but I only uploaded it to see how people would react to the quality. So I'm thankful that you had pointed that out. One thing I found interesting and that I have never tried is the Intro part, I have always thought that having an intro could help you out and bring attention to your videos, but I see your point when you explained it about all the big YouTubers. Anyways thanks for the feedback I will try a video with a new and shorter intro and if that doesn't work out, I will have no intro. Thanks again BR3AK! Hope to see you again!
Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it when other people take off their own time to watch someone else videos. I would like to say thank you for the compliments on my channel as well! Thanks again!
-your uploading consistently which i like
-logo looks very neat and professional
-I like the banner less than the logo i think that could do with a little work
-maybe try and work on getting your thumbnails to stand out as thats what people see before they click on the video- v important
-intro is awesome
-microphone is good
-editing is clean and nice
Keep it up dude!