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  1. RenOperative

    Gaming Looking for folks versed in variety gaming/survival horror content (Podcast Content Creators)

    Not much to this collab. Just looking for someone versed in the knowledge of variety gaming or survival horror content that can talk about it in a discussion/podcast style format. We also do variety content as well like let's plays, reactions, movie discussions, anime, comics, etc. Those are...
  2. SeñorDee

    I need your help!

    Hello, I am a small gaming channel and I want to upload a new video this week but I can't think of any video ideas, can you please help find ideas?
  3. A

    How can i get 1000 subs on youtube?

    I've been doing youtube for a little while now and have not seen much of a growth in subs/views. My goal is to someday reach 1000 subs, what are some great tips for reaching that goal? My youtube channel is Averagemike, the profile pic is a Yoshi egg, if you see my profile, you can see that I...
  4. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming YouTuber Looking To Start a Group (Mostly on PlayStation 4!)

    Whats up Yall, I go by Paranoia Origins! I am a PS4 youtuber, mostly due to the fact ps4 is the only system that has a video editing software called "SHAREFactory" so pretty much stuck with it. At the moment I'm currently sitting at 33 subs looking for other YouTuber with a PS4, I had been...
  5. Fost

    Enjoy (No Critiques I already know I have to improve)

    Read, Watch, or Just Leave Now LOL, I'm not here to sell. Thank you for your time. Fost Top Moments (Channel Trailer to Save You Time From Sleeping On My lol) Playthroughs: Lucid9(On Going Just About Completed: Mega Man Battle Network (About Half Way If I'm Correct, Episode 1 and part of 2...
  6. LaZzy Ghost

    Video outros

    hey i am a youtube gamer. i love playing games and was wondering. how to make a outro for a video. any tips you have i will greatly appreciate.
  7. KantoGaming

    Reaching 1k

    I'm having such a struggle reaching 1k subs. I've had my channel for about a year, but did take a few months off. I see new gaming channels all the time taking off and I seem to be stuck. I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong. I post to twitter and Tumblr when a video comes out. Any other...
  8. RenOperative

    Gaming August Collaboration – Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & opportunities

    Introduction: Hello, my name is Renegade Operative. I am the co-host of a gaming podcast oriented channel and we always seek out new blood each month to try to further our relationships and give new opportunities gaming channels of any size who desires a chance to be active & participate with a...
  9. KantoGaming


    I posted a new Sims 4 CAS video! It's about Damion Crinamorte... a vampire doctor! (: Check it out below!
  10. J0eyy

    New Advice For Content

    I am a gaming channel that does also sorts of games, I need helping figuring out what games I should play and some editing tips. First Editing Tip I need help on: Should I have a small intro of not? Second Tip: Should I have calm or humorous background music? Third Tip: Should I make text of...
  11. AMX Gaming

    I Traded The Bahamas For This Scary Place | Stairs Gameplay

    STAIRS is a first-person atmospheric psychological horror game that takes players through the stories of three missing people as seen through the eyes of journalist Christopher Adams. Start preparing yourself now, for to descend down these steps is to descend into madness. STAIRS is inspired...
  12. MariachiGaming

    Critique on our recent Let's Play upload.

    Hey! So we just made a Let's Play on the Gravity Rush 2 demo on the PS4. We just started uploading (after a little hiatus away from YouTube and a rather sporadic uploading schedule in between) videos and have really been struggling with our channel. We've been really trying to improve our...
  13. KantoGaming


    Part one of Planet Coaster is now available to watch on my channel! Its so fun and im so excited to have another theme park game! Come join me on my channel!
  14. T

    Gaming I want to collab with someone on PC. You need to be at least 15 (my age).

    Long story short, I need a sub boost bc I have no audience rn and need one. If you are interested, we can exchange skype/discord stuffs and (my rule) we have to look at each others channels, because I think we need to like each others channels before we can collab, or else it'd just be so...
  15. Anjim

    Does Donatations To Youtube And Twitch Channels Help You?

    The question is that are donation help you or it's a scam?
  16. Anjim

    Sonic the Hedgehog Games 1- 3 (Mega Drive) Live Stream

    Happy 25th Anniversary Sonic
  17. L

    I feel like my video are not good even though I put a lot of time into them

    YouTube channel: LordFahFah You don't have to sub or like the video just tell me ways that I can improve my video :D
  18. Kieran TV

    Let's Give Each Other Feedback And a Review! - Kieran TV

    Hi guys, my name is Kieran TV. I am a 13 year old YouTuber, Gamer and Year 8 Student. Today I suggest we should help each other grow our channels, help each other improve to become better YouTubers. So if you reply to this, we can give each other a channel review or feedback on each other's...
  19. GamingRack

    That got way too real at the end haha | Insurgency

    Yeah I was not expecting that to happen when I joined the server at the end haha. Too real brah. If you enjoyed the video let me know and give me suggestions on what to play next! follow me over on the social media's Twitter: @gamingrack instagram: gamingrack
  20. GamingRack

    Holy Hell | Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

    Start of a new series over on the gamingrack youtube channel. have a look and let me know what you guys think or what I should play next. Im still getting used to this so any tips would be great plus let me know if my audio is good or not.
  21. AchillestheHunter

    Request Looking for talented photoshop user to make me a banner, icon, intro, and outro

    Hi, I'm AchillestheHunter and I am trying to get professional looking graphics for my channel before I put up videos. I am a gaming channel and am based around world of warcraft and other random games. I am looking for a talented photoshop user to make me a banner, icon, intro, and outro. Will...
  22. EvoShieldGaming

    Am I On The Right Track For A Great Channel?

    Hey Guys/Girls! So I need some feedback on my YouTube channel because I think I'm not doing a good job on my channel lately and I want to know what I can do better. This includes channel art, channel profile picture, video thumbnails, video quality (That includes audio and video), video...