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Read, Watch, or Just Leave Now LOL, I'm not here to sell. Thank you for your time.

Fost Top Moments (Channel Trailer to Save You Time From Sleeping On My lol)

Lucid9(On Going Just About Completed:
Mega Man Battle Network (About Half Way If I'm Correct, Episode 1 and part of 2 messed up on but fixed):
Pokemon Crystal Clear(Dropped the series):
Hope Ya'll enjoy my game playthroughs and other content. Certain Playthroughs are 45 minutes to a hour. While some like my lucid9 series are 25-30 minutes in length, I voice over text when ever I have to for more dramatic effect but I also have fun with it. My sh!!'s not perfect but that's what I usually strive for anyway, imperfection.
My Channel Trailer is my top moments for October too.

Channel is Fost Da Gama and my link should be in that red box

  • Aggressive at times
  • Chilled most times
  • Versatile-Comedy(jokes for the jocks, nerds, hood folk, and those with intelligence as well)
  • Goes off the top(Improv comedy basically nothing really scripted even when I edited i put a clip in that I didn't notice or just found after my recordings).
  • Reactions are genuine
  • Weird at times
  • Advising at times
  • Voices over dialog with no voices(Uses different voices)
  • Does RPG and other single player games
  • Born in 1993( So I was still around for a lot of things but I'm not crazy old)
  • Smart with clip usage
  • Will drop a playthrough if he doesn't like a game(I've done it)
  • No Ads 99% of the time
  • Easily reachable
  • Has Vlogs
  • Has mini-storytimes(non-animated)
  • Video's are decent to long length
  • Thinks like a Youtuber watcher at times
  • 98% of the time watches his on premieres( I do recording in sessions and few edits so rewatching my work is never a issue).
  • May watch his subscribers' work when possible
  • Shows love and shoutouts
  • Has Discord
  • Post has been consistent so far
  • Learns rather quick
  • Doesn't hate
  • Honest
  • Not in it for the money(Though I wouldn't mind)
  • Never changing

Cons(From what I notice):
  • Inexperience as far as editing and and live streaming
  • Vids can drag on sometimes(use a skip button, who complains about long videos when just about everybody's phone play is better than mine lol)
  • Gets off subject and sometimes struggles with reading professor level words
  • Talks with slang a lot
  • Thinks like a Youtuber watcher at times
  • Will drop a playthrough if he doesn't like a game(I've done it but it's cause me to be more selective with games).
  • Doesn't really do multiplayer or mmo games
  • Doesn't hate
  • Honest
  • Ok Fost you gotta be lying about that those last two pros(I'm not but whatever. Your opinion is yours and I hear it constantly)
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