Liking YTtalk
Not much to this collab. Just looking for someone versed in the knowledge of variety gaming or survival horror content that can talk about it in a discussion/podcast style format. We also do variety content as well like let's plays, reactions, movie discussions, anime, comics, etc. Those are extra, but the real incentive will be those who fit in with what I'm looking for with the title. Just going to give a quick run down of what we're looking for/not looking for.

Who specifically caters to these inquiries?:

+Gamers who like variety gaming/survival horror content.
+Content creators with low subscriber counts who never got their own group off the ground. (We've stood the test of time by being around since 2015).
+Down to earth individuals who can enjoy good podcast banter.
+People who are chill and down to earth along with others who feel the same way.
+Those who are looking to express themselves formally without paying to get in (i.e. no paid Discord rewards, ease of convenience, etc.)
+Those seeking good discussions all across the board.

What we aren't looking for/rules:

-Minors under 18. This server is for adults.
-No drama, bigotry, politics, religious debates pls. Keep it all topical to gaming and nerd culture.
-Never take dissenting opinions too personal.
-Have a decent mic.
-Have a Discord account so we can collab or talk about it.
-Someone who doesn't know about variety gaming which is playing multiple games over different platforms or survival horror topics (you need to know about one, the other or both.) Otherwise I would say we're not for you.

That's all for now. If you need more info then you can DM me here or email me at