podcast host wanted

  1. RenOperative

    Gaming Looking for folks versed in variety gaming/survival horror content (Podcast Content Creators)

    Not much to this collab. Just looking for someone versed in the knowledge of variety gaming or survival horror content that can talk about it in a discussion/podcast style format. We also do variety content as well like let's plays, reactions, movie discussions, anime, comics, etc. Those are...
  2. J

    Commentary Need a Co-Host/Partner for Podcast?

    Hey there! My name is Justin and if you need a co-host/partner for your podcast look no further! I have made some podcasts before and know how it works! You dont need to worry about awkward silences or any of that stuff! If you would like to have me as a co-host/partner add me on discord...
  3. Nuance_Beast

    Commentary Political youtuber looking for larger youtuber.

    I post political and philosophical videos on my youtube channel and i am currently looking for another larger youtuber who may be willing to start a podcast with me.
  4. Connor S

    Other Looking for a co-host.

    Hi, I'm Connor. I'm looking to start a new podcast called the "Shower and Shave Podcast" and I need a co-host to join me. It's gonna be a simple podcast. The idea is that we'd just talk about our lives, whether it's telling stories about something that happened this week or three years ago...
  5. TBCompilations

    Commentary Looking for people to do a podcast with

    This will be a spin-off from my existing YouTube channel, TB Compilations. My channel consists of more right-wing ideas and compilations that highlight the protests, and bizarre behavior from left leaning parties. You should have a following as well, relative to mine that is around 11k...
  6. jacksback

    Vlog Online Collab

    Hey I'm 14 and i do vlogs and other random videos with 274 subscribers so if anybody wants to do an online collab im down!