Commentary Looking for people to do a podcast with

Dec 30, 2016
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This will be a spin-off from my existing YouTube channel, TB Compilations. My channel consists of more right-wing ideas and compilations that highlight the protests, and bizarre behavior from left leaning parties. You should have a following as well, relative to mine that is around 11k subscribers. If you don't, you are welcome to pitch ideas to me that you may bring to the table.

The 'musts'

  1. Must have a good microphone. Not a $20 starter mic, or even worse, headphone microphones.
  2. Must be available during the hours of 8am-2pm ET(my full time job is 2nd shift)
Location is to be within the United States only, location in the United States doesn't matter unless you're in Hawaii, but a few hours time difference isn't a huge deal. If we really click, we could be permanent partners in this, if it doesn't seem like something you want to do full time, I could have you as a guest.

My idea for the show will be to have a topic set from something in the news, whether it be in real world news, or YouTube news, and we dive into it. I am working on setting up skype or google to open a phone line for this show and take calls from the listeners. I am also thinking of integrating a donation system where the listeners can donate to, to have their message on the screen, play a song, etc.

May be a long post than what I've seen, but I'm specific of what I want this podcast to be. You can either reply here, or for a quicker reply, email me at: