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  1. J

    Commentary Need a Co-Host/Partner for Podcast?

    Hey there! My name is Justin and if you need a co-host/partner for your podcast look no further! I have made some podcasts before and know how it works! You dont need to worry about awkward silences or any of that stuff! If you would like to have me as a co-host/partner add me on discord...
  2. Dibge

    Other Looking for people to join in a gaming related podcast.

    Hey, I am looking for anyone who is interested and willing to join in a gaming centered podcast that a couple of friends and I have going. For anyone who is interested add me on discord. SplatHole#8510
  3. TBCompilations

    Commentary Looking for people to do a podcast with

    This will be a spin-off from my existing YouTube channel, TB Compilations. My channel consists of more right-wing ideas and compilations that highlight the protests, and bizarre behavior from left leaning parties. You should have a following as well, relative to mine that is around 11k...
  4. darkstarmedia

    HYF - Be My Valentine (Podcast)

    So every month, myself and my best friend Toya record a podcast and talk about pretty much whatever we fancy, really. This time, our focus is primarily on Valentine's Day, so if podcasts are your thing or you're just looking for some background noise while you work, why not give us a listen and...
  5. RenOperative

    Gaming Seeking a decent animator/graphic designer and potential newcomers for a gaming centric group

    This is a double inquiry so I want to make everything within this thread presented nice, neatly and cohesively for people to understand. I’ve been collaborating with unique individuals on reddit, yttalk, damnlag and the gamer’s square for over a year now. I’ve been all over the place and some...
  6. J

    Commentary Podcast

    If anyone is making a podcast and or has already evaluated one and needs a guest feel free to reply to this.
  7. RenOperative

    Gaming Seeking 3 lucky participants to be a part of my gaming community/content creation. (SLOTS LIMITED!)

    It's been awhile since I posted here, I got a lot of pleasant results from my last experiment, others weren't too fantastic but I'm back again with one more recruitment drive to solidify my gaming group before I extend offerings to only guests who want to be on a gaming podcast only as a guest...
  8. The1UPPodCast

    Gaming Looking for special guest for podcast

    Hey what's up everyone my friend and I host a gaming podcast every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10pm pst and we're looking to have special guests from other YouTube channels join the podcast every now and then. On Tuesday we plan to just stream and play games but on Wednesdays we're wanting to have...
  9. Noratrium

    Commentary Like to chat? Podcast about anime and interesting stuff!

    Hey, I'm Nor and im trying to start a new podcast. Nothing too official in mind just yet, will be on Youtube and probably on Soundcloud/itunes in the future. Before we get started with formalities, here is the stuff i like and will usually talk about. Anime(main theme) Video Games (Talk...
  10. Seebeard

    New Year Progress Feedback

    Howdy howdy everyone here at YTTalk, I've been running a variety show channel for a few months now with a few really funny friends of mine called "Hub 32". We do various things from podcasts to life advice to gaming and currently working on a lot of original collaboration ideas. With 2016 upon...
  11. Dahyoukez

    Gaming Podcast Collab/ PC or PS4 Collab

    Im really looking to get some sort of podcast going much like the broken podcast! Just in my own format! If anyone is interested in that let me know! Im also looking for collabs of any sort! PC/PS4 is what I have to game on! If your under 18 its a no go! Sorry! Male/Female/Squirrels come one...
  12. GooberVlogs

    Is It Easy To....

    Wazzzzup everyone =) Okay so i have listen to a lot of podcast and i was wondering how hard is it? How do you set it up? Can you do a podcast solo? I always loved the radio and talking and a podcast i guess you can talk about anything right, so how hard is it to do one? If anyone has a idea i...
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