Gaming Seeking 3 lucky participants to be a part of my gaming community/content creation. (SLOTS LIMITED!)


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It's been awhile since I posted here, I got a lot of pleasant results from my last experiment, others weren't too fantastic but I'm back again with one more recruitment drive to solidify my gaming group before I extend offerings to only guests who want to be on a gaming podcast only as a guest. The rules have changed a little bit since my last recruitment drive so I'll be a lot more thoroughly with the requirements that I'm asking for since I'd like for people to meet most of them. They go as followed:

I'm looking for very laid back, opinionated and diversified gamers on the goal of a recruitment drive to introduce them to a community I run called "The Co-Operative Experience" which is about friends and making gaming content, not too long ago I had an experiment with some folks who did and didn't work out and after that I wanted to revise some of the guidelines to illustrate what I'm looking for on simple terms. Only 6 things to know.

1.) I'm only looking for 5 so slots are first come, first serve.

2.) You must be 17 years of age or older since we do use profanity.

3.) Notice that this is a community to also meet friends and unique gamers. This is not a plateau to gravitate content-only so I would suggest not entering if it's just about self-promotion to you.

4.) The group is heavy on notifications and activity. If you join on Skype I'd suggest be able to handle activity or disabling noise on Skype. If not then I'd recommend not joining via Skype and joining via Discord. (PM me for details.)

5.) Drama free group. Anyone is liable to be removed for making a scene.

6.) You must have a mic and be somewhat active in the calls. (We do require an introduction on mic, we understand if people have work and stuff. Just run it by us.)

If you are not somewhat active you may be liable to be deleted.

And I think those rules are fair, clean and revised now. If you can handle it, want to come by and make some content and friends while following the guidelines then please message me either here or on Twitter @RenOperative_ so I can have a formal discussion with you and we can exchange information on Skype or Discord details. Thank you.

(p.s. Please be aware slots are limited and we regulate on a case by case basis so apply soon, we hope you have fun with us .)