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Hey, I'm Nor and im trying to start a new podcast.
Nothing too official in mind just yet, will be on Youtube and probably on Soundcloud/itunes in the future.

Before we get started with formalities, here is the stuff i like and will usually talk about.
Anime(main theme)
Video Games (Talk about any game)
Tech, News(Relevant news, we aren't the BBC)
Music(thank god I listen to tons of genres).

We aren't limited to just these topics, you can bring up anything you wish and i'm sure i will have something to say lol.

  1. A way to contact you (email, skype, phone number, ect.)
  2. A decent microphone (Will do trialling to see if your mic sounds nice enough)
  3. Headphones/earphones
  4. Recording software (I recommend audacity)
  5. Some way to send your audio (I use email, but you are more than welcome to use anything else as long I can get the audio.)
  6. Willing to bring in topic/articles to talk about.
  1. Editing Software (I use a combination of Audacity and Sony Vegas)
  2. Exporting audio in MP3 format (This just makes it easy to send audio and mix it.)
Format/Segment (likely to change)
  • Life Update
  • Time Capsule: Weekly News Segment
  • Spotlight: What do you want to promote/ What are you fixated on
  • Question of the Week
  • Work Plug-in/Shout outs

I'm shooting for a Saturday or Sunday recording date at 6 pm (GMT) but this is likely to change to better suit people's schedule.

A Test session date will not be announced until the minimum number of people show interest.

Rules (likely to change with people)

  1. Avoid racial slurs (jokes and discussions are fine, but no malicious use.)
  2. Do not use this as a platform to attack a person or group
  3. Avoid talking about your political and/or religious stance (unless it's for comedic purposes or the topic of discussion)
Sounds like a good Idea. I meet the requirements I guess.
I use a Blue Yeti and I do have a Logic Tech c270 HD Webcam. I also got a lot of stuff to talk about and I can do graphics and editing.

My Skype is hateful1337.
Hey, I might seem to be interested, I use a Blue Snowball and I edit with Sony Vegas, I can talk about some videogames, maybe some anime I can do first impressions on, I have my own persona format (which you can see on my channel) if you're into it, but if you're just more into the audio, I think I can do it still.

Drop me an email:

I will just ask in exchange that you credit my channel appropriately.
Hi this sounds very intersting . I have a Blue yeti Microphone and im a very big anime,gaming and a fan of other geek related content. I frequintly watch anime and i keep up with the best shows every season. I also use audacity and sony vegas pro to edit. Contact me by skype: ryan.ancona1 or email:
Im interested i think this could be fun thing to do
i have a blue yeti mic
know how to edit with audacity and sony vegas
can make nice thumbnails for videos with photoshop
can also engage in coversation

I have also watched 28 different anime series
I'll gladly jump on this bandwagon! I love anime, games, books, comics, etc! Also Gundam is freedom.

I use a Blue Snowball (with pop filter), Audacity, Sony Vegas 11, and I'd be glad to talk with ya! My email is Shoot me some details. :)