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  1. Rolz

    Top 5 Most Anticipated Anime of 2017!

    What's good guys! Are you overloaded with an ever increasing list of anime to watch? Well scrap that! Here are 5 of the most anticipated and thus MUST WATCH anime of 2017! If you have any suggestions of what I should've included let me know! I'm always keen to see what other people enjoy and are...
  2. Rolz

    Anime List

    Hi guys, I recently uploaded my second anime 'list' videos, if you enjoy it please share it :)
  3. javacentral

    Who is the Coffee Samurai?

    This anime was a trip and here was my interpretation of it. Hope you hate it! Let me know what ya think of it.
  4. Anjim

    Mob Psycho 100 Episode 5 | Teru Vs Mob Review

  5. Anjim

    Re: Zero Epsiode 18 Rem Is A Ride Or Die Chick Review

    Subaru rejects Rem in this epsiodes
  6. Anjim

    Do You Love Or Hate Berserk 2016 Series?

    Do you think the animation is bad in Berserk 2016 series
  7. Anjim

    My Anime Harem And Waifu Story

    Please don't laugh I love me some anime women lol
  8. Anjim

    Can Izuku Defeat All Might In Battle?

    Anybody watch My Hero Acadamia? This video is for you
  9. WeridLife

    Other Anime Collabs

    I am a newer youtuber who does anime videos and vlogish videos :). If you would be interested in collaborating put a reply saying what you would like to do:bounce: thank you for reading:dance:
  10. WeridLife

    Vlog Anime Vlog Collab

    I Do Anime Vlogs and i was wondering if anyone would like to collab?
  11. Noratrium

    Commentary Like to chat? Podcast about anime and interesting stuff!

    Hey, I'm Nor and im trying to start a new podcast. Nothing too official in mind just yet, will be on Youtube and probably on Soundcloud/itunes in the future. Before we get started with formalities, here is the stuff i like and will usually talk about. Anime(main theme) Video Games (Talk...