1. Russvette

    Gaming Group/Collaborations

    I have setup a discord for ANY CONTENT CREATORS, we don't have to always collab or play together, think of it kind of like the VanossCrew. If we get a crew I am willing to step outside of my channel niche a bit but I mainly personally on my channel play Dead by Daylight and similar horror-ish...
  2. T

    Vlog Couple Collabs?

    Hey Its Kae and AJae and we’re looking for other couples to collab with and grow both our channels.. we’re 24&27 , lesbian couple . If anybody wants to work hit us uo. Our IG is thawinningteam_
  3. along4therid3

    Other Collaboration -- I.T. and/or Cars --- Looking for a partner or two

    Hi. My name is Chris... I am looking for a YT collaborator (my channel specifically deals along the lines of cars/car enthusiasts and I.T./Computer types of areas). I would really like to find a few like minded YouTubers to grow our respective channels (or even start another one together). I'm...
  4. xxkittylee

    Meet Up/Gathering New youtuber from Maryland! Anyone want to collaborate in maryland?

    Hello I'm Kitty, I just started a new youtube channel few months back. I posted a few art videos and one vlog video. Youtube channel is xxkittylee . Not sure where I want to take this page but definitely want to collaborate with some people. Help me get started. Wondering if anyone in Maryland...
  5. xxkittylee

    New youtuber from maryland. Anyone want to collaborate in Maryland??

    Hello I'm Kitty, I just started a new youtube channel. I posted a few art videos and one vlog video. Youtube channel is xxkittylee . Not sure where I want to take this page but definitely want to collaborate with some people. Help me get started. Wondering if anyone in Maryland wants to...
  6. Christopher Gainz

    Other Hey anyone want to collaborate

    Hello I am a small youtuber with no particular niche but would love to collaborate with someone or a few people once everything goes back to normal. Anyone game ? My latest video below:
  7. videos4everythings

    Other Collaborator wanted

    Hi, i am new to collaboration topic. i have never collaborated with anyone till now. if anyone interested to collaborate please let me know. My channel name is video4 everythings. So it contains wide range of videos. But my channel has few viewers and subscribe now. but recently its increasing...
  8. A

    Comedy Anyone wanna COLLAB?

    Hey guys! I'm Amanda. I'm a small youtuber from Hong Kong (255 subs and 6519 views). I make different types of video such as vlogs, magic tricks, comedy, tutorials. Just looking for someone to collab. This is my channel link Comment down...
  9. L

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    Hey There,My Name Is LivingWithGaming And That Would Also Be My YouTube Channel Name. I'm A Muslim-Malaysian Youtuber Who's Also Does An English Gaming Commentary Videos.I'm Looking For Someone To Collaborate With That Has All The Requirements Needed Like... REQUIREMENTS: 1.Must Be Over 13-16...
  10. W

    Gaming Minecraft PE

    Looking for a group or for anyone to collaborate with on Minecraft PE. It is more entertaining to record with a person or a crew rather than by yourself! Requirements/preferences: 1) must speak English. 2) must have a mic 3) must have Minecraft 4) I would hope you would record for YouTube as...
  11. Shlit Eli

    Gaming Looking for a group or people to make a group

    Hello there i am Shlit Eli. I am 15 but making 16 years old soon. But a long-term collaborate group. I make critical ops videos but i can play other games prefer to play free games tho. And what i am looking for is a group of funny people don't care what age or amount of subs/views. By the way i...
  12. Funguy Nick

    Vlog Mid-West Vloggers Collab?

    Anyone in the mid-west U.S want to collaborate? I do travel videos, outdoor hiking/camping related videos, herbology/mycology videos, and photography. People from CO, WY, SD, NE or nearby would be a good fit.
  13. M

    Myshiro - Collaborate with me.

    I’m a youtuber, I cover everything. Let’s collaborate.
  14. Alvarez Gaming

    Gaming Looking To Collab With Apex Legends Xbox One Players

    I'm looking for people who want to consistently make content and help each other grow. Im currently recording and playing a lot of apex legends on xbox one. I have around 370 subscribers and 50k views. Anybody interested please hit me and lets get grinding Link To My Channel...
  15. ZulfPhotography

    Meet Up/Gathering UK, Birmingham YouTubers

    Hi guys. Joined today I actively post on my YT channel ZulfPhotography. Looking to test the waters and see if there are potential collaborations near me. Ideally similar subs I think I'm on just over 3k. Who's from the West Midlands? Let's get creative.. Example thumbnail of types of videos I...
  16. S


    Ive been a gaming youtuber now for several months and I think its time to collaborate. I play a lot of fortnite so If you're into fornite let me know and we can play MUSTS have a mic and be decent to talk to enjoy playing fortnite and produce fortnite videos to be able to produce funny content...
  17. Tanlian

    Gaming Apex Legends Collaborations (PC)

    Hey! My name is Tanlian and I am a youtuber, looking for other youtubers/streamers who want to collaborate on Apex Legends! I have 70 subs and 5k views. This is a new channel of mine, my old one had 3k subs and 300k views. My Channel for reference: Tanlian I am looking for content creators...
  18. T

    Gaming someone to start podcast with. 6k sub gaming channel.

    Hey guys, my name is TJFL and im looking to start a podcast on my channel fairly soon. I have a healthy channel which is constantly growing and im looking to collaborate with other youtubers out there. You must be interested in the latest gaming news and have a good set up!. I'll be looking to...
  19. B

    Animation Looking for Animators on YouTube to collab with.

    If you are interested in working on a video with me (For both channels) message me on Twitter @Bub2ee with your YouTube channel link and how you would like to collaborate. Collaborate by: Voicing some characters in the video Working on a new video Idea Discussing a topic in the form of an...
  20. K

    Meet Up/Gathering ANYBODY NEAR ATLANTA (collaboration)

    Hey if you're near Atlanta, GA and want to collaborate just shoot me a reply and we can talk and possibly get something set up!
  21. K

    Vlog Collab near Atlanta anyone?

    Just trying to find someone to collaborate with...I have a little over 100 subs and im looking to grow and help someone else grow. If you're interested just let me know!
  22. G

    Gaming PS4 Player Looking for some fun guys to Collaborate with!

    Hey guys, I'm GamesLikesFraschy, I now have 81 subs and an elgato to record gameplay on my PS4, Ive been working on videos and getting better at editing, I really wanna get more people to collab on funny moments videos on GTA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. My group...
  23. R A Jones

    Music Guitarist in need

    Hello all, Never had much luck with posts on this site previously but I've recently found new motivation to pick up and start playing again! The songs I've mainly been learning are mainly djent/prog metal/metalcore but I'm more than happy to change things up to fit with another musicians style...
  24. J

    Gaming Looking For PS4 Owners to Record with!!

    Hey there! Pretty sure you clicked on this because you own a PS4 lol. My main goal is to make a group of fellow PS4 owners and record game sessions. I dont have a specific age range, but as long over 18, due to swearing and all that adult stuff, I prefer to have people over 18. The games I...
  25. xxvl0ggt1234

    Gaming ROBLOX, Minecraft Collaborator.

    Looking for a YouTuber who can collaborate me in ROBLOX and in Minecraft.
  26. Ucanuke2017

    Meet Up/Gathering Any YouTubers in Chicago area?

    im a YouTube in the Chicago area looking to meet up and even collaborate with other YouTubers. I specifically teach music on my channel, “U CAN UKE” (80k+ subs), so any YouTubers that play or sing music would be a plus. But I’m here just to connect with other creators. Let’s meet!
  27. ChaseColligan

    Vlog Any Vloggers or Youtubers in the Ann Arbor MI area??

    Looking to film w ppl and grow my channel as well as yours - hmu if interested!!!
  28. Frankie95


    Hey! My name is Faisal and my channel name is FrankobizTV. I'm looking for people who live, eat, breathe youtube in San Diego area. I'd prefer if you were 18-25 years of age(I'm 22). I was hoping, if we were to start collabing, to grind like never before. What I'm looking to do is challenges...
  29. Connor's Corner

    Meet Up/Gathering 7 to 9 yr old Orange County California collaboration toy review

    Hi. I'm looking for a child collaborator in South Los Angeles County, Long Beach, or Orange County to do a collaboration video. Looking for a small channel for an equitable collaboration. We are looking for a guest kid to play with Connor and a new toy to review for the audience. We...
  30. Brattyharp

    Gaming Looking for some people to collaborate with!

    Hello everyone out there! I'm looking for people that are willing to collaborate with me! I do play a lot of pc. But I do also play Xbox and playstation. If you want to collaborate message me, what platform you play and what games you usually play or post!