My name is Faisal and my channel name is FrankobizTV. I'm looking for people who live, eat, breathe youtube in San Diego area. I'd prefer if you were 18-25 years of age(I'm 22).
I was hoping, if we were to start collabing, to grind like never before. What I'm looking to do is challenges, forfeits, possibly simple skits and whatnot...etc. You can check out my channel to see what type of content I post.
I have 217 subs and I garner 100 views per video. You can look up "Team Alboe" on youtube to see the direction I'm trying to go for with my channel. You don't have to have a youtube channel. If you're someone interested in perhaps helping me build my channel, be my partner in my videos, brainstorm ideas, be my cameraman...etc that is more than welcome.
I need someone who's mindset aligns with mine so please contact me if this is something you're really interested in. I would prefer if you were in San Diego. If you'd like to contact me, my channel on youtube has all my social medias linked. My channel name is FrankobizTV. You can also contact me through this thread's comment section for a quick reach out.
Hey man, I live in San Diego too. And im looking for the same kind of people. Its been difficult to find that here in San Diego. I checked out your channel btw and sent you a message on IG.
You seem like the type of person i'd like to collab with. I want to grow my channel, I just have 1 vid so far (it was a test).
I know how i want my channel to be like, but i definitely need people to brainstorm, collab and grind af with.
Looking forward to do this man, hmu anytime bro