Hey there!
Pretty sure you clicked on this because you own a PS4 lol. My main goal is to make a group of fellow PS4 owners and record game sessions. I dont have a specific age range, but as long over 18, due to swearing and all that adult stuff, I prefer to have people over 18. The games I mostly play are FIFA 18 NBA 2K 18 and GTA V. We can also game on COD WWII as well, even FORTNITE! I will be making a new channel so all the game plays will be on there. You can message me here or on my twitter (JustinSCardenas), or on my PSN (RealJustinGames). Anyways, looking forwarding to hearing from some of y'all! Take care, peace!

P.S. I may make a Discord account but not sure yet lol.