1. A

    How to have manageable video size while recording using Android smartphones?

    I have Xiaomi smartphone with Android operating system in it. Whenever I record something using the front camera, even if just for a few seconds, the recorded video file size comes out to be very large as compared to the duration of the video. I say this because I have previously downloaded...
  2. codlags

    Gaming Looking for people to record Fall Guys and other games with!

    Hey my name is Daniel. I run a funny moments gaming channel on YouTube called "codlags". I'm looking for chill people, who speak English & are fun to play games with. I play on PC and play lots of other games: Cod Warzone Gmod Fall Guys Siege Stick Fight CSGO Minecraft Please let me know if...
  3. B

    How to record video with 1280x1024

    Hi, i want to make videos but for now i have 1280x1024 monitor and i was wondering what is a good way to record a video. Should i record at full screen and then resize the video so it is 720p or capture 720 screen? Maybe just upload at screen resolution? I tried full screen then resize to 1080p...
  4. A

    Camtasia Studio Free Activation

    Hi There, for every one want to install camtatia and activate it for free download it from here( ) and read the "readMe.txt" file in the root of the donloaded folder
  5. J

    Gaming Looking For PS4 Owners to Record with!!

    Hey there! Pretty sure you clicked on this because you own a PS4 lol. My main goal is to make a group of fellow PS4 owners and record game sessions. I dont have a specific age range, but as long over 18, due to swearing and all that adult stuff, I prefer to have people over 18. The games I...
  6. AllTheLittleThings

    Gaming Minecraft Modded Server

    Hi everyone Im just putting this forum out to see who would like to join a custom modded server that me and a few friends have made your welcome to record on it too and everyone that is on the server is a youtuber so its great to collaborate with others if you are interest please let me know by...
  7. Alter

    Gaming Collab, Group Channel, whatever. Let's Record. Let's Have Fun !

    I made a post awhile back stating that I'd like to do a commentary channel. Now while that is still on the table, I have decided to be a bit more open minded and more flexible in what I can do. I do own PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. While I am not against console, I strongly push for PC...
  8. Seige

    Gaming Looking for other small youtubers to grow with

    Looking for another small youtuber or maybe a few to record and grow our channels together Requirements - Please be 18+ - Have a good mic Play game like - Rust - PUBG - fortnite - Escape from tarkov And many others i haven't named Message me on Discord Seige #5880 or leave your discord it...
  9. V

    Gaming Looking for person to record YT vids with.

    Looking for some chill person to play games with and record them for funny moments/highlights for now, max around 10 mins videos as my internet upload speed isnt the best and I`m still learning editing, so I dont know how to add any fancy stuff just yet. My nick on steam is: Veinama It would...
  10. S

    Gaming Anyone want to collaborate

    Must Post similar content as me and have 60+ subs message me on PS4 my psn is FlawLeSSHunts thanks I have more games than I post.
  11. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for people to Collab with on pc for streams or videos

    Hey, I have got a discord group which is just a general gaming community but has a few streamers and youtubers but looking to increase that number. In the community we currently have two 7 days to die servers one for casual play and another that I am currently looking for members to join me with...
  12. JVC

    How do you use a capture card to record android games ?

    Yo Guys I hoped maybe one of you can give me advice on the topic how to record your Android with a capture card (Most likely elgato HD 60 or S ). Please enjoy your day :)
  13. Seige

    Gaming Looking for people to record Battlegrounds with

    Looking for people to record battlegrounds with preferably from Australia, I'm 17 so around this age or older doesn't bother me to much.. if you're interested let me know or add me on discord seige #5880
  14. Hiper115

    What Do You Guys Use To Record Gameplay?

    I use Action! to record gameplay but lately, it's been crashing and just not working so what do you guys use? I would just watch a video but I want people who have used different recording software regularly and have the experience to tell me. (BTW not too bothered about quality just as long it...
  15. Fluffy89

    Gaming (Modded) Minecraft SMP Collab?

    My name is Fluffy89 and I have 105 subscribers. If anyone wants to join me on recording I record every second day. I am 13 and have 720p video quality, 60fps, and a lot of free time! Join my discord to come talk to me further.
  16. Psycho

    Recording SETUP

    Hi, I'm a new youtuber and i have to spend ages making videos as EVERYTHINGGG is done on 1 ipad from recording to editing and creating thumbnails :( Can someone show me cheap good quality microphone cameras and other essential for a setup Thanks much appreciated
  17. Edoziethe1and0nly

    How to Record Phone Screens ??

    How do you record phone screens accurately with a webcam or DSLR ?
  18. M

    What camera would you recommend for fitness videos?

    Hello YouTubers! I started my channel recording videos with my iphone.. obviously the quality is pretty poor, but for starters, it's not the worse. However, I look forward to upgrading sometime within the next month or two. Can anyone recommend a good camera for recording? (Specifically...
  19. J

    Gaming [CLOSED] Looking for GTA Girls

    Hi I'm JayWolf20, my Friend and I (yes we are girls) have been looking for other GTA girls to join our crew and maybe try to colab and record some GTA videos. We play GTA on xbox 360 and some other games to... It doesn't matter how many subs you have only if you have enough time to be playing...
  20. Ellsballs

    How do you structure your gaming videos?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering how other gaming youtubers structure/record their videos. I usually record for around 20 mins for a 15 min video but not sure if I should be recording longer or perhaps not as long. In terms of intros/outros for a series I feel they can interrupt my flow as I'll...
  21. Porcupixel

    PreSonus Audio Interface Giveaway! (100 Subs Giveaway)

    Hey Everyone! In celebration of 100 subscribers we're giving away a PreSonus audio interface. Record voice or instruments with this lovely little box of wonders. GIVEAWAY ENDS 11/11
  22. DemonDoggie0811

    Gaming Xbox Games With gold collab

    Hi... I'm DemonDoggie... You probably knew that already... Give me a second to get exited... ... ... ok... I'm good... Hey guys Today I am looking For brave volunteers to play FREE GAMES!(Ik it sounds Pricey but Its not, I promise) If you play with me the only things you will lose are your free...
  23. B

    Screen recording softwares

    Hi i am starting a new channel about after effects and Cinema 4d tutorials and i dont know what recording software to use. Now my computer is pretty low. CPU Intel Core i5 2.67Ghz Windows 7 x64 Ram 4GB and Integrated video card Intel Graphics 3000. You will say this computer is not powerfull...
  24. HeppyG

    Recording = Awkward?!

    Did you guys ever laugh at yourself or feel awkward when recording and talking to yourself? As sometimes I can't help but laugh when I record and my mom/dad walks in and be like ''you okay son?'':bounce::bounce::bounce:
  25. G

    Your most viewed videos ?

    Hey all ! What are your records of views per video ? It was just 30k for me haha , and you ?
  26. L

    Looking For a youtube-Gary's Modand More collab!!

    Hello, i've been looking for a group of friends (4) to record you tube with! I however cannot record but i want to play with y'all and be in the videos and i can mention you because what i do is i upload trolling videos and i make music! and i can easily get your name out but i just want a group...
  27. Wonderboy Gaming

    Gaming Microphone Test - HYPER X CLOUD, AT BPHS1, SHURE SM7B

    I recently did a gaming microphone review/comparison video on a couple headsets and a studio microphone. Check it out and let me know what you think? What recording setup do you use?
  28. Emery

    Gaming Looking To Collab With Some Free Games

    Hi I'm Emery and I'm looking to play some free games with people and have some fun. Requirements: Age: 14 and up Subs: Doesn't matter as long as you make professional looking videos Games: I don't know, we can find some cool free-to-plays. I'm not in the position to buy games at the moment, I...
  29. Cyphermur9t

    Gaming Looking for fellow Youtubers (PC)

    If you are looking to play PC games with another Youtuber, there's a whole bunch to choose from on these forums. I post anything I want on my channel, from game highlights to flash and 3D animation. My gaming schedule is erratic (I can be on at noon one day, and midnight another) so it's...
  30. Missilebomb

    Stories about something messing up a recording?

    So earlier today I was trying to record and some 'brilliant' people decided to use a jackhammer to remove Windows from a renovation house across the street. It made me wonder (also made me rather annoyed) if anyone else had something as ridiculous mess up a recording session