What Do You Guys Use To Record Gameplay?


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I use Action! to record gameplay but lately, it's been crashing and just not working so what do you guys use? I would just watch a video but I want people who have used different recording software regularly and have the experience to tell me. (BTW not too bothered about quality just as long it doesn't look terrible)
Fraps is great for recording if you are willing to spend money. But a great free alternative is OBS as it allows you to record your gameplay, and stream later down the road if you ever want that option. OBS is great all around specifically because it's free, and easy to use and setup. There is a LOT of customization, so be sure to look up some Youtube tutorials to ensure you achieve the best quality possible.
I highly recommend OBS if you're recording gameplay from your computer or streaming! Like Sladee said, it's really easy to set up and free, but you can also add more onto your recording like a background or overlays in general on it while you're recording! It's a lot to set up but it's easy once you get the hang of it!
I've never been a fan of Fraps. In the past I used Bandicam as it's a better paid alternative, but since OBS Studio is free and works well (you can even do simple "scene transitions" with it) can't really go wrong with that one.

If you're recording console gameplay and have a capture card, those usually come with some sort of recording software which might also be adequate enough for your needs.
i really cannot use OBS, the gameplay lags for me so i use fraps, the fps does drop sometimes but most of the time, its perfect! :D
I use OBS (Open Broadcast Recorder) I used to stream on Twitch with this software, and then i realized..whoa? this isn't just a streaming program! I can record my stuffs mang! iz nice