Gaming Collab, Group Channel, whatever. Let's Record. Let's Have Fun !


I made a post awhile back stating that I'd like to do a commentary channel. Now while that is still on the table, I have decided to be a bit more open minded and more flexible in what I can do. I do own PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. While I am not against console, I strongly push for PC. (I have lots of games. There should be something we could play)

Some games I am personally interested in are as followed
-Duck Game
-Tabletop Simulator (Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Clue, Monopoly, Sorry, any board game pretty much)
-Rocket League
-Hammerwater (And the sequel)
-Golf with Your Friends
-Garry's Mod (TTT, Murder, maybeeeeeeee prop hunt)
-Civilization 5 or 6 (Like 5 more)
-Left 4 Dead 2
-Stick Fight
-Battleblock Theater
-Grand Theft Auto 5 (More so interested in fun races or things to do in maps. Not per say free roam or heists)
-Counterstrike (more so within a group of friends fighting instead of going online against randoms)
-Team Fortress 2
-Minecraft Vanilla (But let's be restrictive on how we play. Make it interesting and hard)
-Dark Souls 1, 2sotfs, or 3
-Resident Evil 5 (I have a very fun/hard way to play the game)
-Any free to play I haven't listed on here, that we can agree upon.

I also have a emulator called Dolphin. This emulator can do netplay, meaning we can play co-op game cube games online.
-Mario Party
-Super Smash Bros
-Mario Kart
-Or any other game that supports co-op

Discord name - Alter1994#1975
Steam name -

My specs are...
-Windows 10
-Gtx 1080
-16Gb DDR4 RAM
-3.5tb of HDD
-250gb of SSD
-Asus Z170 Motherboard
-Dual Monitor setup

Recording/Editing software is.....
-Elgato for console recording. Will be used for PC recording once I get my second monitor going through a displayport)
-OBS for PC video recording. (Should be replaced by Elgato)
-Blue Yeti for mic recording.
-VoiceMeeter for outputting more than one playback device to headphones.
-Samplitude Pro X2 Silver for recording all audio sources into separate tracks. I.e. mic, game audio, and discord audio are recorded separately. (This I classify as overkill. Audacity should be just fine to do this. But I just had this, so why not)
-Sony Vegas 14.0 for editing and rendering videos.
I'll be completely honest i want to play about half these game and I'm totally new to this. so I'm still setting up my channel before uploading.
I'm definitely interested but i don't know if you would be interested in someone who is just starting out.
I am interested. Just add me so we can plan something out! My discord is now Alter#1975 I removed "1994" from my name.
Hey, I added you on discord so if you see a friends request with someone with the same picture on here. It is someone who is looking for a collab.