Gaming Looking for fellow Youtubers (PC)

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If you are looking to play PC games with another Youtuber, there's a whole bunch to choose from on these forums. I post anything I want on my channel, from game highlights to flash and 3D animation. My gaming schedule is erratic (I can be on at noon one day, and midnight another) so it's completely unpredictable! I just play for fun and post on my Youtube for my subscribers and others to see. The games I have and play are H1Z1, CS:GO, Rocket League, Gmod (for prop hunt mainly) and L4D2. I have a fairly decent sized subscriber base, so I have just a few requirements:

- Have at least 2,000 subscribers.
- Have a decent quality mic.
- Have a fun personality and respectable maturity.
- Be at least 18+.
- Recording gameplay is optional, but preferred.

If you fit those criteria, then I think we can get something rolling. :)
Well i'm just looking for people to play with, i have all the games and Extremely god microphone, im 20 years old and i will start recording again in 2 weeks when i'm done with my education (Can play in the mean time but can't record)

If you even slightly interested msg me back either here or on
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