1. Sam Wolfie

    Gaming Java Minecraft Server YT Collab??!/ Discord Server Gaming

    Hey, I am 19 years old and I am looking for other gaming YouTubers who want to collaborate on opening up a server for a bunch of us to stream and record videos together. We will have a discord server to be able to communicate and talk and we will mostly stream on the weekends and sometimes...
  2. D

    Gaming Gaming Collabs (Minecraft PC, Among Us +)

    Hello everyone, I run a youtube channel with 4.22k subscribers, called Danzar! Here's a link: I'm looking for a youtuber/youtubers to collab with for pretty much anything, preferably gaming related! I average 500-2k+ views on my videos consistently and was hoping to find...
  3. Carlos The Banana

    Gaming Looking for Collaboration (Minecraft, COD, Gmod, and other Steam Games)

    My Youtube channel is Carlos The Banana, I have had my channel for a while and I am trying to get back into Youtube and find some people to play with. I have 34 subscribers and counting, and get a good amount of views on each video. I play mostly Minecraft and Call of Duty, but I'm open to...
  4. Ty Pedersem

    Gaming Prop hunt video

    I’m looking for at least 3 more people to play prop hunt with for a video
  5. Panndas

    Gaming Calling Out a Youtuber Who Live at SEA

    I've been making a gaming content for like 1 year now. And everytime I tried to collab with someone, the number one problem is places, the ping its not so friendly if I play with people outside SEA. I'm just a small youtuber who tried my best to grow, lol I only using PC, I dont have any...
  6. MAGnify

    Gaming Fortnite, Gmod, CS Etc (ACTIVE PEOPLE)

    Hey guys my names Mike and I'm currently sitting under 200 subscribers and I'm restarting my channel. Im looking for a group of people between 15-18 years old that play popular games such as those mentioned in the title. Im 17 :) Add me on Snapchat: iShartedToday Add me on Instagram...
  7. Shadess

    Gaming (PC) Looking for people to collab with for YouTube/Twitch

    My name is Ethan (Shades), I am 18 years old and live in the UK. I have recently been streaming my gameplay to Twitch and I am going to try and upload some of the gamplay to YouTube. I used to be fairly active on both platforms, but haven't been recently as I had to part with my PS4. Now I have...
  8. Alter

    Gaming Collab, Group Channel, whatever. Let's Record. Let's Have Fun !

    I made a post awhile back stating that I'd like to do a commentary channel. Now while that is still on the table, I have decided to be a bit more open minded and more flexible in what I can do. I do own PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. While I am not against console, I strongly push for PC...
  9. DocTheDuck

    Gaming Looking To Collab! (PC)

    If anyone would like to start collaborating on videos send me your discord and we can start talking on there! I only play pc so sorry anyone stuck on console. I hope we can start collaborating and grow are channels together soon!
  10. Takadaroba

    200 Subscribers

    Hello everybody! After having my channel since 2011, creating almost 500 videos, and reaching over 40,000 views, I have finally reached 200 subscribers! This was such a big goal for me since it felt like the time between 100 and 200 felt like years upon years, I'm so so happy to have finally...
  11. Preftey

    Services Photoshop work for steam trade

    heres some of my work.. please email if you want to have the photoshop work at
  12. MasterRoo

    Any tips or tricks to build more views?

    What's up guys? I've been trying to obtain more views for my gaming channel and I would love your help and feed back. If there's anything that will help improve my editing skill or list of games I can play. Just let me know. Here's my latest video on "This War of Mine" and "Sonic Forces" I've...
  13. MasterRoo

    "This War of Mine" really nails the themes of Human Nature

    Around Halloween of this year, I finally picked up This War of Mine and I'm in love with it. It's not the best game for gameplay or visuals but hell, it's themes of depression and lost are what I love about it. LOL! It's hard to explain but I love exploring the themes of humanity's dark side in...
  14. DZaw

    Gaming Looking for people to game with

    Hey fellow Gamers I'm looking for people to game with once I'm back from my trip through Europe (November 10). I know I haven't posted on YouTube in a while and I'm not available to game tomorrow but up until I start recording I'm going to be thinking and preparing series ideas and what not...
  15. Chancealot

    Fallout 1 Part 2: I FOUND MY OTHER HALF!!!!

    Hey guys come watch the 2nd part of my Fallout series! Like the video and subscribe to the channel! thanks!!!
  16. Novainfusion

    PUBG Video for people who like that game.

    Hello everyone. Novainfusion here again i started this new series of PUBG. Me trying to get chicken dinner. Hope you all enjoy it. Like, Share, Subscribe or Comment Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  17. Chancealot

    Rocket League: COMEBACK OT THRILL!!!!!

    Hey everybody, please go check out my Rocket League video and if you like it please share the video and subscribe to my channel! Thank you for your time!!!
  18. BG Crew

    The Wonderful End of the World: Part #3: Snag a Peach

    We have some improper turtle management over here!
  19. Captain LOL

    Gaming Looking for "professional" PC youtubers

    Ill make this short and to the point. Im looking for anyone who is decently funny to join me and some pals in making some vids. My requirements are pretty simple; 1. Have a decent microphone 2. Have a decent PC 3. Have a few games to go with that 4. You have to be 15 or older If you meet the...
  20. D

    Gaming PC/PS4 Collabs??

    Hey peeps i have been interested in making a collab group for awhile now but never had the chance untill i found ytalk i wanna collab with people who play GTA5, Dead by daylight, Friday the 13th, GMOD, L4d1-2 so if you have any of them or if your intersted in the sound of it hmu :)
  21. Perch McJingles

    FIST FIGHT TO THE DEATH! Battlegrounds #2

    New video went live guys, only my second vid so any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)
  22. ElitePotato


    Heya! I am a PC gamer and I play mostly Gamejolt and Steam games. (Any game that's on PC actually) - Looking to collaborate with people of any gender - age range of 13 and above. - 100 subs and above for collaboration partners would be nice :) - Form of communication: Mostly Skype and Discord...
  23. E

    Gaming Looking to play GMOD with other players

    I do some commentary, comedy and a little bit of trolling! I'd love to have a solid group of people that do the same thing.
  24. LM7 Gamer

    Gaming PC Gamers Friday the 13th looking for 5 people.

    My name is Lucas, call me LM7. I am working to get a group of small youtubers in on some Friday the 13th on PC. If your intrested please reply and add my steam LM7. I have and am 14 so please be 14+ of age. and thats it, thank you.
  25. BG Crew

    Fibbage 2: Part #3 - Trinidadslim is on a roll!

    Come discover what foreskinning is.
  26. Forrz

    Gaming BO2 and Other Games Collab?

    I have very few subscribers and am working on my first video, a CoD BO2 Commentary, and I want to record with other people. I play on Xbox 360 and my G-Tag is ForrzPlayz. I will also play other games, like Gmod, Friday 13th, Shellshock, and other games. If interested in a collab, I have a...
  27. XxxTh3K1n9xxX

    Gaming Funny Moments Collab :)

    Sup guys? I'm looking for other YouTubers that play on Xbox. I play games such as, GTA V, ARK, Skate 3, Dark souls 3, COD BO 1-3, I also play games on pc such as, GMod, Payday 2, CSGO, Unturned and much more. Thank you guys for your time, you can message me on here, Add me on xbox or steam at...
  28. BDKYoutube

    Gaming Looking for people to join a collaboration group

    Title says it all really: I'm looking for people who want to collaborate and record with some relaxed people. We can collab on games like CSGO, gmod, OverWatch, Paladins, Heroes of the Storm, Space Engineers and lots of other games too. Doesn't matter how many subs you have and as long as you...
  29. BG Crew

    Fibbage: You get the whole crew on this one

    Who tells the lies better?
  30. T

    Gaming TF2 PC collab

    Hey, age doesn't matter, discord is fine, I want a really fun time, At this point im out of rhymes! I have steam Bolt would add link but i cant be assed. (Also i need my authenticator codes and my pc is off) I have a assload of games aswell as tf2 so. Yee.