Gaming Calling Out a Youtuber Who Live at SEA


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I've been making a gaming content for like 1 year now. And everytime I tried to collab with someone, the number one problem is places, the ping its not so friendly if I play with people outside SEA. I'm just a small youtuber who tried my best to grow, lol

I only using PC, I dont have any console.
I really love making Rainbow Six Siege content these day. Something like a fun clip, kill montage, finding bug, etc.
But I also play other game on steam like Dota2, GTAV, CSGO, etc. (and planning on buying DayZ Standalone on steam next sale)

I live at Indonesian, so maybe if u guys want to play together, you can contact me using
1) Discord : PANNDAS#9297
2) Email :
I'll send u my steam ID through email

You can also see what is my content look like from my channel, just search "necro035" or "Operator Panndas" (Yes, with two "n")