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I've Got It
Hey fellow Gamers

I'm looking for people to game with once I'm back from my trip through Europe (November 10). I know I haven't posted on YouTube in a while and I'm not available to game tomorrow but up until I start recording I'm going to be thinking and preparing series ideas and what not.

I have a few friends who want to game regularly with me when I'm back but I think only one will try uploading to YouTube. I'll be playing games on PS4, PC, and maybe xbox 1. I'l be purchasing new games like Fifa, Cod, other Steam Games when I'm back.

Message me here or let me know what platform you want me to message you on.
Cod (PS4) I'm purchasing when I get back and I defiantly down to play. Do you have an idea for a series or shall we discuss this in private on a platform like discord or something?