1. JayPlaysOfficial

    Golf With Friends w/ Jack | THE SCORE IS 2-1!

    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another collab video! today me and my bro are playing Golf With Friends!
  2. JayPlaysOfficial

    Golf With Friends | DID YOU JUST BEAT ME!? | w/ Jack

    Hello guys, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another collab video :D, today we are playing Golf With Friends!
  3. Akradon360

    The Final Station: Who knew chairs are so strong!

    Just uploaded a new video direct from Hospital. Please excuse if the voice over quality isn't 100%.
  4. JayPlaysOfficial

    Jack & Jase vs THE WORLD! | No More Room In Hell | #3

    2 Brothers embark on a mission to kill every last zombie on earth! no matter how many episodes it takes! Hello everyone, my name is JayPlayOfficial and welcome back to a brand new video!
  5. Akradon360

    GunPoint: What a Game!

    I've attached my first video for my new Channel - 50 Percent. I'm planning on this channel having gaming videos, unboxings, vlogs and more! Thank you for taking the time to view my video. Hope to see you all online!
  6. DestructaCorp

    Gaming PC Collabs

    If you're interested in someone to make gaming videos with, here I am. I play a lot of GMod, and I'd love to make videos with anyone. If you're interested, just reply to this thread.
  7. Suprex

    Gaming Looking to Collab! (PC Only)

    I am looking to make funny gaming videos like Funny Moments and stuff like that and maybe make some new friends. We could play a variety of games like CSGO, GMod, COD WaW, Gang Beasts, etc. Must be 16+ and have a decent mic with no or little background noise. Reply if interested.
  8. Wolven_ (Joe)

    Gaming Looking for 3-4 people to record a gaming Podcast with!

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for 3-4 people to do a weekly/wheneverly podcast with. You can main any gaming platform and play any games - the more diversity we have on it the better. Requirements -You should have a knowledge of the gaming community, recent games (including indie on...
  9. MilkingBanana

    What other games can I play?

    So recently, I have been playing some internet games and record it for my channel. It was actually pretty fun but now I actually want to play a legit downloaded game. Now as a Minecrafter, a Stardew Farmer and an Osu! player, I generally don't have any other games to play other than those...
  10. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third #71: We found a Zoleg!

    Burt Reynolds is our number one homie!
  11. sphamedia

    Gaming Anyone looking for a partner in pc gaming?

    Hi, im not a letsplayer, i make parodies and stuff but i was doing a collab with another youtube and i had fun so id like to do it again, im 25 and mostly pc game. I have a steam account with the same name as this one if you want to have a look at what ive got
  12. BG Crew

    Outlast #7: IT'S A PANTS OFF DANCE OFF!!!

    And that's the way the s**t crumbles.
  13. VirtualReale

    "THE SPLIT SCREEN" - The ULTIMATE Comedy Show for Those Who LOVE Local Multiplayer Gaming

    THE SHOW We wanted to combine fun, local multiplayer gaming with the variety of a reality show format. We mix our let's plays with commentary interview cut-aways to expand the story of each player. This allows for drama and comedy to create some of the most entertaining let's plays we've ever...
  14. Solid

    What You Need to Know About Steam Direct

    Hey guys, so you may have heard that Steam Greenlight is being replaced with Steam Direct. Well here's a quick guide on what was wrong with Greenlight, what's being changed and how this will effect us as gamers. As always thanks for checking this video out and get involved, what do you think...
  15. Zionova

    Gaming Collaborate with me!! (Need Someone)

    I need someone who is good at gaming and good at making videos. If you think you are please tell me and i'll see your channel. I make about 1-2 videos every week. I'm a PC Gamer, I have Rocket League, Counter Strike, Rust, GTA V Online on Steam. If you're interested, PLEASE tell me!!:))
  16. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third #68: Cheetah Tits!

    Let's see what's under that mask!
  17. Spook


    What's up, i'm posting to see how many of you goofy goobers would want to be featured in my CS:GO FUNNY MOMENT VIDEOS! My plan is to upload a new video every single week, but more content = more releases! TO SEE IF WE WOULD MESH AND TO WATCH EXAMPLE OF MY STYLE PLEASE CHECK MY MOST RECENT...
  18. BG Crew

    Outlast #5: Use your map?

    Stab him in the big toe
  19. KrivixHD

    For Honor Lets Play pt.2 - Peacekeeper

  20. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third #65: Who let this chick fly?

    Elaina should never fly.
  21. BG Crew

    Belligerent Gamezing: Outlast #1 - We have a new diet for you.

    Time for mozzarella and a shot of olive oil. Guaranteed weight loss.
  22. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third: #64: Let's touch dicks

    Lots of car f*****g in this one
  23. BG Crew

    Among the Sleep #10: This game just got rurl dark!

    Let us show you what good games look like.
  24. SmokeySpace

    Gaming Xbox One or PC Collab!

    Just looking for people to do a PC or Xbox one collab with, must have around 100 subs and get a decent amount of views. Message me on Skype at Smokey Space if you are interested!
  25. D

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators! (16+)

    (deleting content for privacy reasons)
  26. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third #63: Are you enthused?

    Phallexander is not enthused with Elaina's lack of enthusiasm at his enthusiastic speech.
  27. BG Crew

    Among the Sleep #9: Keep yo happy safe!

    They're trying to steal your happy son!
  28. BG Crew

    Among the Sleep #7: Here us scream

    We bought us a wife....apparently...
  29. BG Crew

    The Yawhg #7: Where we find much comf!

    We finally did it!
  30. BG Crew

    The Yawhg #6

    Third time's a charm. Let's get it right this time.