Gaming Looking to Collab! (PC Only)


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I am looking to make funny gaming videos like Funny Moments and stuff like that and maybe make some new friends. We could play a variety of games like CSGO, GMod, COD WaW, Gang Beasts, etc. Must be 16+ and have a decent mic with no or little background noise. Reply if interested.
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Sounds pretty fun tbh, and I would be totally up for that, I play a lot of csgo, but haven't uploaded to my channel yet because I haven't found anyone to play it with, the same with gmod, but yea any fps would be cool

I'm lexi btw, I'm 19 & from the Uk
Hey man! Me and a couple of friends are uploading funny moments videos (PC) would be awesome if we could do a collab or something! I'm 18 and from Wales, mainly do CSGO but we play all kind of games! Add me on steam or something if you want to talk. It's TheBulldozer03!